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Neelam Sahu; an unstoppable name of exploring self and going beyond the explorations

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Women, when ought to do something is unstoppable, as the saying goes-There is no limit to what we, as women can accomplish-(Michelle Obama). You just need to believe in your dreams and work for them. One such example is Neelam Sahu, a poet, story teller, content writer, motivational speaker, and tells us what she isn’t capable of.

Well! The personality we are talking about, Ms Neelam Sahu, has been raised and brought up in the beautiful place of Bijori district of Madhya Pradesh. She has been a pampered child from her childhood, but this thing has never override the capabilities of Neelum, and she has always paved herself ways to look for new tasks and challenges. Her family has been her constant support and had never put hurdles on her growth. Ms Sahu considers her family, her backbone.

Ms Neelam sahu has been praised of her skills ever since from her childhood. She has acquired her early education from a local Govt School of her native district after which she had completed her higher studies from Tamia. After finishing higher studies, Neelam decided to shift to Bhopal from where she completed her further studies.

(Neelam Sahu)

After finishing her varsity, Ms. Sahu started working as principal in SSG Medical Institute at Ujjain. Sahu never stopped herself from acquiring new heights and keep on challenging her zones from the very beginning.

Being a part of a middle class family comprising of five members, including her three siblings and parents, she has always tried hard to make their living better. She is a part of traditional family so for her traditions mark the identity of ones being.

(Neelam Sahu)

Apart from being a full time principle, Neelam Sahu has been a desperate poet, a remarkable story teller, an enthusiastic content creator and a motivational speaker too. She has not restricted her zone to her education only; she considers herself an intellect and believes in the power of meditation too.

She is having a great interest in cooking and dancing too. In a nutshell, we can conclude Sahu a versatile personality.

Sahu has been a great feminist. She keeps on discussing topics about women empowerment. Sahu has launched successfully two YouTube videos, one of which entitled ‘Shabashiyaan’ has received great acclaim. In that particular video Sahu tried to discuss and raise issue against women. The video has been filmed on Sahu while it’s lyrics have been compiled by some other lyricist. The video tries its best to give credit to the women who have explored themselves, and proved the world that, if a women wills, she can achieve great heights.  


She is also a great singer and had a great passion for singing. She considers singing her best topic of interest and let’s her soul dive in the magic of tunes. Her YouTube channel is ‘POSITIVE VIBES’.

Neelam Sahu considers herself a philanthropist and always keep herself busy in making ways to help the people there in need. She usually keeps visiting orphanages, just to see if anyone is in need of a helping hand, so she could find out some Avenues

Neelam Sahu is the creative head of The Nautanki Gang.TNG has 2 R-series (Rizzle series), a podcast named ‘In The Spotlight with TNG’ and a short film named ‘Kaash’ on their YouTube channel namely ‘The Nautank iGang’. Kaash was conceptualized by Neelam. The Nautanki Gang is coming up with their next big project which is very close to her heart and this project will be released in the year 2022.This will be TNG’s biggest project.

Neelam Sahu is being greatly acclaimed by her admirers. It’s because of her hard work and truest dedication of learning and growing through the process that Sahu has achieved great heights so far. She is an inspiration for various people who dream of living big and never let a stone unturned to fulfill their dreams.

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