Dr. V Offers Therapeutic Distractions for Modern People

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It’s easy to get distracted by Dr. Venus Nicolino’s style and beauty on her eye-catching Instagram page. She’s fine with that as long as she can keep providing a chance for her knowledge to seep into the minds of her followers on social media.

Known as Dr. V, this Doctor of Psychology aims to revamp our psychological tools for dealing with life. Not a moment too soon, as our minds struggle to deal with a shaky society with no time for self-care.

“We’re on this planet to love each other; everything else is a distraction,” is a popular quote from her best-selling book, Bad Advice: How to Survive and Thrive in an Age of B.S. “With today’s mad pace and endless distractions, making time for loving each other keeps getting swiped off our calendars,” claims Dr. V.

Holding a Master’s in Counseling Psychology and a Master’s and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, this doctor knows how unhealthy the lack of love can be on us connection-needy humans. Replacing the human touch with touchscreens, addictive consumerism, and soon sexbots is a recipe for disaster.

Nicolino’s sharp wit and human approach have landed her on over 100 television episodes. She has appeared on L.A. Shrinks and is the former host of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. From Steve Harvey to The Real Housewives of New Jersey to Access Hollywood and so much more, everyone is seeking her advice. Celebrities and regular folks alike respond to her powerful style bolstered by her blue-collar savvy.

2021 saw Dr. V launch her podcast, The Tea With Dr. V, where she uses her gifts and psychological skills to breathe new life into podcasting. There’s been no shortage of tears, laughter, and mental health myth-busting. ‘Aha!’ moments materialize when celebrity guests expose wounds from soul-crushing relationships, career journeys, and high-speed internet trolls. What’s unique about her show is that the host has the professional credentials to provide proven guidance on dealing with these relatable issues.

“One of today’s biggest distractions is so-called self-help. If that only entailed idiotic home remedies for whitening your teeth via Pinterest, we’d be fine. But Amazon is primed with thousands of books that claim to hold the secret path to a perfect life. No cookie-cutter path can solve the problems of individuals who are evolving by the minute,” Dr. V says.

Our world needs a modern take on psychology. Why? Because everything else we touch is putting the past in the rearview.

The workplace has seen social shifts and now remote work has blasted us into the future. Relationships have opened up to more people who can feel comfortable in their own skin and in the arms of whoever they please. And our children are the most advanced techies most of us will ever meet.

Dr. V plans to help us hang on for the ride. If that means distracting us with her clever takes and engaging charm while we absorb the therapy we need, we’ll take it—even if we don’t see it coming.

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