Emerging as an industry leader in the fashion, entertainment and music space is Brxce Wvyne.

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Rising from the most unfavorable circumstances to create multiple careers successfully is indeed a task which he has accomplished with ease.

Some are gifted enough to brave all odds and face the gravest of challenges emerging as winners in their respective careers. One fine example of this is Brxce Wvyne born as Derek Harvey who rose from the mean streets of Watts, Inglewood, and Compton, bypassed the adversities, facing the notoriety stamp that the place carried along with it, and came out to beautifully establish distinct successful careers, as a fashion entrepreneur, MC and a media company owner. Being passionate about leading a good life since his young days, he thrived hard to achieve what he desired, despite all tough situations which could have led his life to be in doldrums, if had he not handled it well.

Spending years amidst a neighborhood which is known for its hooliganism, he would have very well grown up as a gangster, but he chose the wise path which led him to this commanding position that he stands on today. “Life for me was not a bed of roses as since my early days, I had to tackle difficult situations which resulted in my personal life going haywire. Still determined to walk the right path motivated me to pursue my career with a lot of focus, and finally here I am, sitting at a position which I’m proud of,” says Wvyne.

He established his clothing brand ‘Trapwoodz’, which is shortly going to occupy retail spaces across America and also worked hard to make his mark in the music realm as an MC, and a good one at it. Simultaneously, founding his own media company named ‘Shooterz Media’. Life has never been good for this man who has risen to ace in his endeavors coming from a background which has people either wasting their lives achieving nothing or spending a major part behind bars. However, Wvyne begged to differ and emerged as a true winner by proving himself to be ahead of all.

To know more, follow him on Instagram: @brxcewvyne.


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