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An influence for rappers all across the globe- Exit 5B:

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Just like any other, the global scenario is one full of competition and a constant anticipation for the next face of the community. Today,  we are glad to introduce Exit 5B, a rising artist hailing from Louisville, Kentucky who is hurtling towards this goal with his love for all this music and his dedication to portraying that passion in his own creations. Martel Conya Porter, better known as Rich Porter and active under his stage name of Exit 5B is the right reason to be excited about rap again, here’s why.

For someone like Exit 5B who likes to live their life to the fullest, doing anything half-heartedly is never an option. Exit 5B has been dedicated to building his future in music ever since he was 13 years old and just stepping into developing his own personality as a young adult. Music played a big role in those formative years and it came as no surprise when he wanted to pursue a future in it. He started off by creating his own verses and freestyle raps, which by the end of 2012, had escalated to semi-professional productions as a rapper while collaborating with Dope16.

In 2016 Exit 5B came out with his first album by the name of The H which he co-produced with DJ MLK. In the next year, following the success of The H and having found a decently stable footing as an independent artist in the rap industry, Exit 5B released his next album by the name of The H Vol 2. A crowd favourite, these albums brought Exit 5B to instant fame and gave him the spotlight he was always searching for.

So, what was the reason behind Exit 5B’s explosive success? Well, The H Vol 2 may be a bit shorter than other albums, representing only 4 songs under the title- but it packs an equal punch, if not more. The lyrical imagery created through the songs is nothing less than a form of art in themself, what with Exit 5B making sure that every word he utters further acts as a form of communication with his audience.

Exit 5B has explored the different genres of music and continues to be committed towards one. However, this does not mean that he is not open to detouring from his original track of creating rap music.  If you are an individual who admires music, you might want to check out some songs by Exit 5B. We are sure you, you would definitely fall in love!
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