Corporate Professional with Proficiency in Digital Marketing for Result Oriented Solutions

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Abhinandan Jhamb is a professional and experienced digital marketing expert. His customer-centric approach, strategic thinking, and analytical mindset prove his powerful position in the digital marketing world.

A keen supporter of practical training in the field of digital marketing, he started his venture Codesoftic tech private limited that aims at offering intensive digital media services to individuals and companies alike. He has conducted result-oriented social media services for 1500+ professionals. 

He believes in a thing that the main reason behind exceptional growth for a company is the company’s focus on providing value to the life of people & teaching transformational knowledge with ancient wisdom that is missing in today’s corporate system. 

His company codesoftic tech private limited follows the latest and updated algorithms in its online marketing techniques. Due to this, his entity is able to grab a big market share in the IT industry. The company works on various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, linked in and google AdWords. The team of social media experts is proficient in every social media platform. By creatively observing google analytics and google tag manager, the qualified personnel track every visitor to their website and frame their marketing strategies for every online portal, accordingly.

 Those visitors, who in turn, will love your content so much, will share it with their friends and the rest of the internet. Which in turn will upgrade your business. 

Things like creating content, blogging, and building brand awareness around a product are often considered a secondary experience and a secondary part of the company, which is a completely wrong way of thinking. Abhinandan Jhamb guides his experts to work, by giving due consideration to these elements. This is the reason his enterprise codesoftic tech private limited is among the top brands in India. 

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