Abhishek Singh Rajput aka Rehan Katrawale The Rising Poet and Writer from Katra, Jammu and Kashmir

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Referred to as “Katra Ka Shayar” Rehan Katrawale hails from the holy town of Katra, the base camp for Mata Vaishno Devi.

Abhishek Singh Rajput

Abhishek Singh Rajput, better known as Rehan Katrawale is an Indian Author and Poet hailing from the beautiful area of Jammu and Kashmir, Katra. He grew up in Katra or we can say in the lap of Trikuta Hills.
He live with his family, his father Ranjeet Singh and mother Veena Devi.
Rehan Katrawale is known for his love poetries. He believes the ultimate goal of life is love. He engaged himself in writing at a very young age. He had written several of books like: The Diary of a Perplexed Teenager, Astrabhuj:Secrets of Drajjal, The Mystic Father etc.

Rehan is a man of few words as his actions speaks louder than his words. He usually does blended poetry of Urdu and Hindi.
When it comes to his personal life he’s not very social. Rehan once said he was very close to her elder sister Simran Thakur who is not in this world anymore. Her sudden demise absolutely shook him up. Though she wasn’t his sister by blood but she was the one who he admired the most. Her loss was totally unbearable for him.
Rehan grew up in a village named Parthal located somewhere near Katra, Vaishno Devi. He completed his primary education from Vishal Model School Sherpur and high school education from Govt. High School Aghar Jitto.
Because of his interest in psychology, he got himself enrolled in the field of Psychology and holds an Honours Degree in Psychology from University of Jammu.
Rehan seem to be a very cryptic guy and totally different from the others. He fell in love with a girl who believe to be the resident of Katra. It is believed she was in the same batch.
When asked him about the same, he said “That was something i never wished for. For years I’ve been trying to convince myself there is no such thing like true love in 21st century. Everything has its own cause and consequences. But i can’t control everything and then this girl who was the light to my darkness. I don’t know why i started liking her or why i fell so hard for her but nobody can change the fact she taught me the true meaning of love and I consider myself as a one-sided lover because I possess no expectations, no love in return from her. I don’t expect her to reciprocate the same. I fell in love that was my destiny and i accepted it. After five years I confessed my feelings to her without any expectations. But such is life; it’s beautiful sometimes, sometimes it’s painful and agonising but you can’t really do anything. Accept it as you fate and move on”
When asked if he still love her, “Yes i love her and will continue to do so” he replied with a smile.

Rehan is kind of a person who always seek for solitude.
He’s currently working on his novel which is going to be a crime fiction this time. The book will prabably release this year.

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