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Meet Navid Akram, CEO & Co-Founder Of Esuja, Digital Content Creator And the successful freelancer

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Navid Akram Jukto is an entrepreneur, CEO & Co-Founder Of Esuja, Digital Content Creator, And successful freelancer. He was born on 16 December 2003 in Dhaka. He is also a very talented IT and web developer in Bangladesh.

Sk. Navid Akram is a highly sought-after digital content creator, entrepreneur, website, and software creator with a charming and dynamic personality that helps him captivate, inspire and influence his clientele. Navid has had a knack for graphic design and content creation since childhood. He has received numerous awards and accolades for his outstanding design and content creator skills in high school and college.
Navid is a polished professional with exceptional communication skills, clear-eyed confidence, and a sharp eye for detail. He is an adaptable individual with the ability to see the spark of potential in everything and everyone and inspire others to see it too. He is a leader and loves to share ideas and visions with others and create a community around shared values and ideals. Navid is a self-motivated and driven individual, constantly experimenting with new applications and technologies. He is enthusiastic about graphic designing and content creation and always endeavors to improve himself as a designer and creator. He has been creating content for as long as he can remember, managing all production, promotion, and marketing phases. His range is always fascinating and unique. In a world drowning in mediocrity, his content has the power to inspire, it exudes a rare bloom of originality, and it’s a beacon for the lost.

Navid Akram Jukto is a child prodigy who was just 1/ when he created his first company. His company is the leading competitor in the industry and is one of the most successful companies in Bangladesh Called A young ambitious and intelligent entrepreneur.
He is a very talented IT and web developer who led his team to achieve many goals. He was successful in selling his company and earned a fortune, but he wasn’t happy. So he created another company of his own with no boundaries, called Esuja which wants to shape the world. With this, he wanted to earn more money and be successful again.
Navid Akram Jukto has many personal interests like traveling, photography, weightlifting, and martial arts as well as music. He has been successfully traveling around the world and capturing beautiful images with his camera from different places. He also has influenced many people through his youtube channels.

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