Interview with Youngest Life Coach from India: Shreya Vats

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Shreya is a Life Coach and owner of She followed her passion for helping people and is now making a difference in her clients’ lives through individual and group coaching.

Shreya Vats, Life Coach

Personal and life coaches are becoming more popular as both women and men realize that they need help in specific areas of life such as career, home, relationships, and personal growth to lead a more fulfilling life.

Before becoming a life coach, Shreya was an energy healer and a yoga trainer for kids and women. During these times, she began looking at ways to heal people holistically and ventured into the world of coaching with Keficoaching. co

When asked what a personal coach does, Shreya shared the following list.

A personal coach:

  • Is a person who assists their clients to figure out and achieve personal and/or business goals
  • Would use a variety of methods, tailored to the client, to move through the process of setting and reaching the goals that they want to meet
  • Is like a cheerleader who encourages you, and a devoted listener who is interested in what you have to say
  • Is a collaborator who works with you as you develop creative solutions to problems you are facing
  • Is a guide who assists you in navigating through life

Shreya, why did you make the decision to become a life coach?

I always had a desire to help people to help themselves. See them reach their ultimate potential in personal as well as in their business. Deciding to become a life coach and help people to reprogram their thought process seemed like second nature to me.

Shreya Vats

How would you describe your job?

Contentment! That is the first word coming to my mind. I love being able to assist my clients in reaching their goals, becoming stronger individuals mentally and at times spiritually, and really working with them to boost their self-esteem. I have the vision to transform, empower and inspire lives which is perfectly getting done while being a life coach.

I collaborate with clients to sharpen skills that they are seeking, such as, confidence building, consistency, time management etcetera.

What type of training do you have to be a Life coach?

I attended and graduated from iPEC institute of Coaching, US. The tools and techniques that I have learned in training were incredible. I keep updating my skills by undergoing various online training. To be sure that I am giving my clients the best services that I can.

What is a typical day like for you?

I am a life coach and most of the client sessions are in the evenings.

Typically on the evenings that I have clients, I review their session preparation (this is the form they fill out to let me know their agenda of our session). After I review their form I go back into their form from the previous week and compare the two and take notes. I then call the client, and we have a 45 minutes verbal telephone session. During the sessions, I am always listening and taking notes to be sure that I am in tune with what the client wants to achieve. At the end of the session, I do the re-cap of our session and reiterate the clients’ goals, then I challenge the client to take action.

Usually, I will simply ask “What actions will you take after this session to get to this result?”

After the session I review my notes, then send a follow-up email to the client thanking them for their hard work, recapping the session (again), and listing the ‘homework’ that the client agreed to do.

I touch base with my clients via email periodically to check in with them to see how their progress is coming along and often clients will email me to tell me how they are doing.

While the actual coaching session is between 45-60 minutes long, the entire process from the start to finish for me is about two hours.

What is your favorite part about being a coach?

I absolutely love making people feel empowered. When a client reaches their goal, I feel as if I have reached it too. It is wonderful to help people go after their dreams whether big or small.

What advice would you share with someone who wants to become a life coach?

I would encourage them to sign up for some coach training classes or seek out the help of a Mentor Coach so that they can have some help in getting their business up and running as smoothly as possible. Also, I would encourage them to never give up. Find a good niche that they are comfortable with and stick to it.

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