Maya Bernaia has tapped the power of the DeFi space to its maximum

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She believes that there’s a lot of potential lying around this space which needs to be capitalized rightly.

There are numerous technological advancements that have been introduced in the recent past. Out of the few which have grabbed maximum attention of late is the DeFi space. NFTs, cryptocurrencies and the whole new world of digital assets has captivated people big time, as many are seen entering this space of late, and there are many reasons behind it. A few people though have managed to grasp its workings deeply, the reason they have emerged as industry leaders at present. Maya Bernaia is one of them, as she has been able to tap the potential of Web 3.0 like no one else, achieving success at its highest levels.

The work that she has done around this space is indeed praiseworthy and has helped many step into this space and make it work out for good. Being an MBA in strategic management and PhD in international relations, she has done exceedingly well in her career, which has taken her to towering heights of success today. At four, she was well ahead of children her age, and as she grew up, she started working on things that would make this world a better place to live in. Speaking about her journey which had its own ups and downs, she says that setbacks and challenges didn’t bother her much as she was always inclined towards being the best, and that’s what pushed her to work to her maximum, which gave phenomenal results.

Coming from Ukraine, which didn’t offer many opportunities, she set out to make a career after graduating from the Harvard School of Design. Being creative to the core helped her develop many tech solutions around the investing, gaming and social media spheres, getting her wide appreciation. She eventually landed up being a cryptocurrency expert, investor and digipreneur, grasping the workings of these areas in-depth and utilizing it to its maximum. Her belief in this emerging technology is growing by the day as she sees the DeFi space grow steadily. She says that the Metaverse holds the key to the future and will take on the world’s workings soon.

She has many interesting projects coming up after her first ‘IamFuture’, which connects people to projects that have Metaverse in its framework. She is also providing a host of other services like marketing consultancy, strategic solutions and much more. A Metaverse based community for roller skating enthusiasts called Metarollers, comprising 6,000 roller skating themed NFTs has also been introduced by her. “The project would excite NFT enthusiasts as there’s a lot of interesting things in this project which will thrill people till no end as players can skate across areas, collecting artifacts, performing tricks and much more which helps them purchase and trade NFTs governed by the IamFuture ecosystem. Players can also meet their favourite celebrities which is going to be exciting for them,” says Maya who’s looking at introducing many such exciting projects in the future.

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