Imagine living a life where you spend your days doing what you love instead of spending them slogging at your 9-5. You could be spending more time doing things that fulfil you, like spending time with family, passion projects, or even travelling the world – or really anything you like. “That sounds nice, except it’s impossible,” you say. But we’re here to tell you that there is a very real possibility that you can live this life. It’s called achieving financial freedom. Experts at one of the fastest-growing trading education firms – Riz International – gave us their exclusive take on what it takes to become financially independent today.


Evaluating your finances and overall financial situation is crucial. After all, you can’t improve what is not measured. Riz International actually provides something called the Personal Finance Kit, which is completely free and gets you access to your own intuitive platform where you can track your expenses, income, net worth, investments and more. This will help you evaluate your current financial picture, and the platform will also provide feedback and suggestions on areas you can improve on.


There have been plenty of people that make millions of dollars a year but eventually end up going broke. With the tools provided in the Personal Finance Kit, you will also be able to set up projections and a budget for different categories. This will assist you in planning and preparing for future expenses as well as how to maximize your existing sources of income. As Benjamin Franklin beautifully surmised, “failing to plan is planning to fail”.

Get, Set… Invest

Investing is a cornerstone to financial independence. Money sitting idle does not grow. Instead, it does the opposite (inflation).

Investing as we know is important, but the beauty lies in the details. While some might see investing and trading in the financial as gambling (they are uninformed), the experts at Riz International urge you to look deeper and see the life-changing potential that the financial markets provide.

When done correctly with proper knowledge and guidance, activities like stocks and options trading are not gambling – in fact, they can be life altering for the better. As your investments grow, the income and gains generated by them has the power to surpass your entire active income. When this occurs, you can do what everyone wishes – make money in your sleep. What says financial freedom more than that?

But don’t take our word for it.

“I am a verified 7-figure trader with years over 15 years of experience, but I’ve found that the most joy I get is by helping people successfully navigate financial markets. The people aspect is very important to me,” says Rizwan Memon, the mastermind behind Riz International.

Rizwan, the founder of Canada-based enterprise Riz International, started from nothing and managed to make a fortune within just five short years.

How did he amass such an empire? Clever, calculated trading in the financial markets. With over 15 years of trading experience, he knows the inner workings of the financial markets.

When he achieved significant success by consistently growing his investments, all he could think of was how he could give back and help others on their journey. That is when he launched Riz International.

From stock trading to options trading, he has put together now acclaimed masterclasses to help others like him benefit from his many years of hands-on experience.

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