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Zoom is India’s leading Hindi entertainment television broadcast provider. It is owned and managed by its parent company Times group. It primarily covers Bollywood, music, and news. Zoom gained immense popularity when it was newly introduced, especially among young folks. It has been entertaining the audiences for nearly two decades. It is still further continuous to entertain the audiences. In recent times zoom entertainment wanted to create an engagement activity for their channel viewers where they can interact with their audiences which is more like

● Interactive with viewers

● Increase engagement with the viewers

  • Widen the audience

The solution that Zoom, along with BEING SOCIAL, comes up with to create a user engagement activity. A game in real-time that could be played all across India while having an extremely user-friendly interface as the demographic of the target audience is very wide. This is where BEING SOCIAL stepped in and allianced with Zoom by becoming the OFFICIAL GAMING PARTNER. This was a perfect idea as it will increase user engagement which will directly correlate with channel viewership. This created a checklist for the essentials of the game Engagement activity to connect users with the channel user-friendly for all categories of users.

Focusing more on:

● Increase channel viewership

● Rewards

● Targeting pan India viewers

Being social in collaboration with zoom created a tombola contest that fulfilled the aforementioned essential checklist. It was a real-time competitive gaming experience with a quick reward system. The innovative idea of bringing the game online revolutionised the game among the contestants. The game was easy to play with quick-to-win rewards because of which it sustained excitement for the users even when the run time of the game was 4 hours. 4 hours concurrent with the interactive game audience led to a massive spike in viewership. In the course of the game, these viewers will become loyal viewers.

The process to play tombola is easy. You can register by just giving a missed call, after which the player will receive a link that will have the ticket over SMS with all the instructions. Every next day new tickets will be auto-assigned for the viewers, real-time alerts and notifications for winners will be given—the process needs to be easy to access while also extremely efficient in the backend.

The result anticipated by this interactive gaming campaign was to gain more exposure for the channel and increase the viewer base, thus increasing the TRP ranking of the channel. This increase in TRP is their primary goal, and the newly found online format that Being social brought in more value for the program and the channel as a whole. It also established its target of increasing channel interaction with the viewers to connect in Real-time with the winner.  

Being Social came up with intelligent use of the online digital platform for converting customers from Offline to Online with easy integration of mobility service & web technology. They did by giving out a missed call number to register. Once registered, the viewer will receive an SMS with a ticket link, and the viewers could play using the ticket for a day, after which the ticket is updated for the next day. The live interactive game also provided real-time feedback for selected numbers on their tickets and made sure the player is hooked to the game and thus hooked to the channel waiting for the following number on the screen. 

There were more than 6000 pre-launch registers from the Pan India

4o,ooo + viewers were registered within one month, and there was no stopping for the growth of this campaign

By the second month, the numbers boot up to 55,000+ registered, and Zoom witnessed an increase of 69 percent

The ROI of the tombola game

The channel started getting 1000+ viewership every day, especially for the 4 hours that the game was running. The channel Accelerated growth by an increase in viewership. It also reached new customer segments and demographics through engagement activity, Leveraged additional reach & trust from recognized brands, reduced the cost of acquiring new customers, built a sense of community among the audience, and created strong relationships with viewers for upcoming events.


The tombola game turned out to be a very profitable campaign for zoom. Not only was it very beneficial, but also the viewership that it gained was more than was anticipated. The key ingredient was to get the right people at the right time. The study of the market and how the viewer will react to an engaging activity along with the correct software skill set made the campaign extraordinarily successful.


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