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Three Rising Global Writers who leave a lasting impact on the readers featuring Nihit Mohan, Pratik Premraj Bhala, Elizabeth Akinniyi

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Nihit Mohan

Nihit Mohan was born and raised in the cradle of cultural diversity of India, and currently resides in Singapore. He did his education from seven schools spread across multiple cities and cultures. He is an engineer by education and has made a successful career in the financial services industry. 

What School Doesn’t Teach You – What should I do ?, Who am I? and What is my purpose in this mortal realm?. These profound questions of humankind require deep thought and introspection, while living in a constantly changing world with jobs, families and relationships around us. Effectively, this book provides close to ten great ways to manage the entropy of the world, while in pursuit of purpose. The book contains conversations, anecdotes and experiences from my mentors and gurus, who have helped me in multiple facets of my life to weather the worldly vicissitudes. Without their nurturing thoughts, It would have been unbearable and would have definitely led to performance and confidence issues. The book encompasses inferential learning based on personal experiences and multiple interactions with my mentors, gurus, friends, family and colleagues.

Nihit hails from a family of engineers, bureaucrats and academicians. While growing up, he had exposure to some of the exceptional thinkers, teachers, friends, and colleagues who have guided and mentored him. The idea of this book came during one of his work interactions where his colleagues were discussing various experiences and how they have influenced them in their personal and professional lives. This book is an honest attempt to talk about various aspects and traits needed to live a purposeful life.

Apart from being a full-time banking risk professional, dedicated father and an author, Nihit also enjoys travelling and collecting artworks from all over the world. He collaborates with multiple artists across Europe and Asia. You can enjoy his writings, book reviews and art collection on his blog

Pratik Premraj Bhala

Hailing from the city of Chikhli, Maharashtra, Pratik Premraj Bhala is a 21 year old million view story creator and a celebrity author of the award -winning poetry book Shabdon ka Safarnama. He is co-author in more than 150 books and earn around 31 literature awards and eleven literary badges and become a literary sensation. He featured on various 6 covers of magazines as a celebrity author, nationalist author, samaj bhushan, literary stalwart, multi-talented literary figures, etc. 

His tagline is CREATING THE WORLD OF WORDS. He also featured by various media houses in articles like Top ten inspiring authors of India , you must have to read, Maharashtra boy storms literary world, success story of pratik bhala, shabdon ka safarnama Author becomes literary sensation, etc. pratik’s poem has influence of patriotism, spirituality, nature,  social causes and of Hindutva ideology. His some notorious poetries are ” shri Ganga stuti”, ” Har Janm mein Hindu Hu “, “BHARAT HU MEIN “, etc. His poetry and thoughts depicts the mature truth in such young age.

Elizabeth Akinniyi

Elizabeth Akinniyi is a passionate writer with a lot of dreams.She lives in Lagos Nigeria with her family.Her writing journey is rather an exclusive tale of fate.

She started writing by motivation of cheering and liking her best friend 

who writes short quotes that were funny and hilarious, little did she know that was her preparation into the world of writing.

Ever since she started writing has become so passionate about it and has used her writing to educate, inspire, motivate and also entertain her


She has participated in 20+ anthologies till date and over 13+ had been 

published and still counting. She has featured her write-up in Elysian magazine June and September edition.

Elizabeth Akinniyi is an award winning poet and writer and her last award with Elite Book Awards got her more recognition in international magazines. She is grateful for all these opportunities and this stands as a motivation for her to work harder.

She is presently compiling her anthology for TUS and Mannianest publications. She plans on writing her first book next year and is dedicated in making 

that dream came true. She loves to read, sing, dance, cook and travel to New places.

Elizabeth loves making new friends.She believes in equality and treats all the same irrespective of any differences. She loves helping people and putting smiles on people’s faces.

Cherry Book Awards and Digital Golgappa are excited to honour these emerging stars of the literary field. 


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