Your dream travels are just one step away with Royal Palm Holidays

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Defining its credentials, Royal Palm Holidays Fze has grown rapidly into one of the leading and most trustworthy travel and tourism operators in the UAE, while effectively serving both corporate and casual clients. These accomplishments have helped to build a strong foundation for the company. Today, it operates globally, offering clients a variety of viable travel and tour solutions across major as well as unique destinations not catered to by other service providers. The company has proven itself time and again by adhering to industry recognised practices and benchmarks.

Royal Palm Holidays Fze commits to absolute customer care, fully realising that its success depends upon customer satisfaction and ensuring that clients receive the best services from a wide range of offers. Royal Palm Holidays Fze caters to a variety of clientele that includes corporate tie-ups, business relationships and an inventory list of more than 200,000 hotels across the globe to ensure the best services.

Inspiring destinations for every holidaymaker


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Royal Palm Holidays Fze’s significant decades-long presence in the UAE travel market has helped in obtaining the best contracted rates with several hotels in UAE. It has a wide variety of local tours within the country that can attract people of different age groups and interests such as adventure seekers, honeymooners, shopping breaks, cruise vacations, weekend getaways and much more.


The UAE’s geographical and climatic peculiarities play a big role in boosting the number of UAE residents spending holidays at other tourist destinations around the globe. With a high volume of ticket sales on all major airlines, Royal Palm Holidays Fze is able to demand special fares enabling leisure travel groups. It has contracts with global leisure suppliers to provide the best rate on hotel bookings, excursions and rental cars towards all major destinations in the world.

It is an expert in making pre-purchase packages for various destinations such as:

> Italy
> France 
> Switzerland 
> Czech Republic 
> Spain
> Greece
> United Kingdom
> Georgia 
> Canada 
> Maldives 
> Thailand


Corporate Travel Solutions | Global Air Ticketing | World Wide Hotel Reservation | Inbound and Outbound Holiday Packages | Sight-Seeing and Excursions | Car Rentals and Euro Rail Tickets | Visa Assistance | Travel Insurance | Cruise Booking | Meet and Greet Assistance

Royal Palm Holidays Fze is located in Office 1502 at CG Mall Building on King Faisal Street, Sharjah.

For more information, visit or contact

Your dream travels are just one step away
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