Taking people towards their definition of self-calm, peace and healing, enter Shannon Sperber.

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The certified Heart Math professional and Somatic Release Breathwork (trademarked) facilitator has earned hundreds of clients and now aims to target entrepreneurs. 

There have only been a handful of professionals in this world across industries who have worked with a bigger purpose in their lives, aiming to make a significant difference in the lives of others. Out of these, an increasing number of women are found across fields, doing exceptionally well, which has truly staggered people all over the world with the kind of successes they have been attaining, bowling over people with their incredible skills, knowledge, and dedication in their work. Shannon Sperber, a rising and certified Heart Math professional and Somatic Release Breathwork (trademarked) facilitator, is one such woman who has tried to change the definition of healing in people and has made them realize that their breath is their superpower as a healer and physical therapist.

So far, Shannon Sperber, who hails from Canada, has worked with hundreds of clients and has taken them towards their definition of self-calm, peace, and healing by making them realize the power of breath and how it can regulate the nervous system being a Breathwork facilitator. However, currently, she has focused her energies to impact several entrepreneurs out there and has been making consistent efforts to impact and empower them to make them recognize their potential, clear blockages, and gain emotional intelligence. She is also driven to teach others how to regulate their nervous system, which can help them boost sales and performance.

Her husband Cody and she had begun building businesses for 17 years and, throughout their journeys, have learned innumerable things that have made them who they are today. She believes that SRBW is more than necessary in today’s time as that forces people to think less and feel more. Her services include specific somatic release Breathwork processes, incorporating NLP commands, and music with hands-on touch for enhancing people’s experiences and removing all kinds of barriers standing in the midst of their paths.

In the near future, Shannon Sperber (@drshannonsperber) aims to impact one million entrepreneurs.


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