International webinar “Women Deserve to be Heard” organized by “Let’s Talk Mental Health” for women wellness.

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Hosted by its Co-founder and president Anusha Chowdhury, it has been beneficial for many women who have been a part of the event.

Women have been subjected to many hardships from time unknown, and it’s a general notion amongst society that women are designed to take the heat and have lesser weightage than their male counterparts. However, things have changed for good from the past few decades and women are positioned on the same pedestal as men. Yet, there are many gaps which still need to be filled when it comes to treating women equally, at the same time promoting their good health and well-being. Women have been subjected to various forms of abuse and violence which results in mental imbalance, leading to depression, anxiety and many other mental health disorders. To address these issues Anusha Chowdhury, Co-founder & President of ‘Let’s Talk Mental Health’ held an international webinar which was attended by good number of audience.

Anusha strongly believes that majority of women silently accept the atrocities they go through, owing to the fear of shame or being judged for opening up. She feels that the time has come for women to define their goals and come forward and share their feelings in front of the world, which would help them overcome the grave situations they are in. To get there they need to be mentally strong and that’s the reason women empowerment is extremely important. The idea behind the webinar was to reach maximum audience and guide them through the process of being strong enough to face the difficulties they go through. The one-hour-long live webinar was reached by nearly 18 thousand people.

The guest panelists included Dr Hynd Bouhia, a renowned author and Morocco and Forbes-listed influencer, founder of a Unique BAL Method that helps women become empowered leaders to create wealth and make an impact. Mireille Toulekima, an award-winning global entrepreneur from Australia, senior petroleum engineer, thought leader, STEM & energy expert, women empowerment advocate and Dr. Daphne Soares, a famous business coach from the UAE. The topic of discussion was the importance of mental health and women’s struggle regarding mental health. Speaking at the event, Dr Hynd said that women should have the right mindset, which can help them get rid of negativity around them and push themselves toward reaching out for a better life. Mireille Toulekima emphasized on the fact how parenting and family makes a woman more confident and strong. Women whose families focus on getting the girl child well-educated would definitely be in a much better space according to her. Whereas Dr Daphne shared her experiences of working as a business coach in the webinar. Women couldn’t get the opportunity to flourish from a very small age. She speaks about the equality of gender in different sectors. She enlightens the audience about different stigma laid in society about gender discrimination.
“The basic idea behind the webinar was to encourage women and turn their minds towards positivity and the session was extremely fruitful as we achieved our goal by reaching out to thousands of people who connected to us through this webinar,” concluded Anusha.


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