Sakeem Khan Has A Clear Vision, Multiple Businesses, One Goal

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A lot of people find it difficult to establish themselves in the entrepreneurship world because of the lack of proper knowledge and the in capability to research properly. Moreover, entrepreneurship is such a field that it requires a person to not only research and learn but also practise it in real life, the real life applications are indeed more important for an individual to become established. To put it in short, entrepreneurship deals with the various factors of production in the world of economics like land Labour capital and enterprise. Here, enterprise plays a huge role because it combines all the other factors together and it is the job of a successful entrepreneur to bring them all together, exercise proper functions and manage them in coordination to each other. Sakeem Khan is the perfect example of one such individual.

Before Sakeem Khan was an entrepreneur, he was a normal student looking for future prospects. Almost everyone half expected him to be indulged in the world of politics just like his ancestors, his grand father and father. It all began with his grand father because he has been a head, the Sarpanch for more than 3 decades now. Not just that, he has also been the head of various departments in the Haryana government, leading them and providing correct decisions that have lead to a lot of development in the state.

His father was also involved in politics and has been an MLA a from 2014 to 2019, otherwise practising in the ministry of affairs of Haryana from 2017 to 2019. This is not the end, there is also an uncle who was a minister for quite some time. Now you can figure out why people were expecting him to become a politician but Mr. Khan had other ideas in mind, and other areas of interests.

Rahisa Khan, the father of Sakeem Khan, is an ex Chairman of the Waqf Board of Haryana. This is an extremely prestigious position to hold and he has also taught this young entrepreneur to grow up to be successful and responsible, no matter what field he is establishing himself in. He has taken this very seriously and successfully invested in two companies, now being the owner of a petrol pump and also a stone crushing company. He also happens to be the director of Cooperative Bank. All these positions are not easy to hold and he has been very careful in balancing them all.

Mention must be made of the social work Mr. Khan performs, According to him this wealth is of no use if he is not helping out others with it. In desperate times of need he has managed to help out a lot of people, offering them financial as well as emotional support. Such activities never go in vain, it proves who he is as a person, a businessman and also a very kind hearted gentleman.


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