Restaurateur Sanjeev Nanda discusses the role of content in post-pandemic hospitality

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With every industrial sector getting digitalized amid the pandemic, the hospitality sector is no different. And just like any other sector, it relies heavily on content marketing to attract guests. But what makes content so important for the post-pandemic hospitality businesses? We talked to prominent hotelier Sanjeev Nanda to ask for his opinion.

According to Nanda, the primary reason why content has become the fuel to run the engines of marketing in today’s digital era is its non-intrusive nature. “We all are active on social media and consume content on a daily basis. The right content, unlike a paid advertisement, helps the customers greatly in forming a bond of trust with the brand,” he says.

“Good quality content has become an invaluable resource these days. Better visual content makes for a stronger performance in the digital world. And what happens in the digital world always gets reflected in the real one. A robust online presence can extend beyond the virtual arena, into a hospitality business’s daily operations and revenue,” adds Sanjeev Nanda.
So, what drawbacks do hospitality businesses encounter in case they lack strong visual content? According to Sanjeev Nanda, business owners who ignore the role of content in hospitality marketing miss out on the chance to get more revenue, better guest satisfaction and more reservations.

“Before leveraging content for your hospitality business, you need to think from the guests’ perspective. Good quality photos on social media not just promote transparency and trust, but also keep the visitors engaged to the image gallery. The more time they spend considering the hotel or restaurant, the more chances there are that they might actually end up making a reservation,” says Sanjeev Nanda.
“In order to maintain their cutting edge amid the post-pandemic digitalization, hospitality businesses must think out of the box. The right content can prove to be a great tool for hospitality businesses since it facilitates marketing that is clutter-breaking, reliable and responsible. However, one must always remember that the job of powerful content is not to sell, but to ascertain that sale is the obvious outcome,” adds Nanda.


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