Sapna Singh: A Girl Who Wishes To Educate People About Digital Currency

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In today‘s time importance of Digital Currency has increased because it offers an efficient means of transferring money over the internet. It is controlled by a decentralized network with a transparent set of rules, so presenting an alternative to central bank-controlled fiat money. The biggest advantages of this coin are high freedom of payment, transparency of all the important information, high security, it reduces the risks for traders. The saddest part is that there are few people who are well aware of Digital Currency or have full knowledge of it. There are many people who have gathered to help and provide sufficient knowledge and information regarding Digital Currency.

One of the most talented and hardworking people is Sapna Singh, who has come forward to provide information and make people learn and gain more knowledge about Digital Currency. She was born on 6th Feb 1997 in Kanpur, UP. She has completed her from IT branch from PSIT college and by profession, she is a Software Engineer. She is an educator who teaches people about Digital Currency through her YouTube and Telegram channel. She started her career in 2016. She is a very passionate girl, she believes that she is having everything that can help her to fulfill her dreams on her own. She loves her field as she really likes to inspire and make people learn from her. She also thinks that this field is really interesting as you get to learn something new on an everyday basis.

Difficulties and obstacles are the normal part of our lives, if you do something, hurdles will come in your way but you should face them and move on. Sapna also faced numerous difficulties and fought with them with full enthusiasm. Her basic struggle was to earn a good job because she belonged to a middle-class family. Once she got the job, she decided to work even harder, started a YouTube channel, and dealt with many obstacles. She was able to do it because she always tried her level best in every situation of her life. Her recent achievement was that she got a silver play button for completing 100k subscribers on her YouTube channel which is amazing.

She wants to tell people that blockchain technology is something that can secure your future and you can be a part of this growth. One should learn from her that nothing is impossible in this world. To be successful in life you just need to believe in yourself and should never hesitate from trying new things. Sapna showed everyone that you just need to work hard with a fearless attitude and should focus on your dreams. Once you have decided to do something no one can ever stop you from achieving your goals.


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