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Gay Aliens Society NFT Offers Innovative Benefits for Holders

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The Gay Aliens Society NFT Project offers its community members, those who have purchased the NFT, some truly innovative benefits not available to anyone not part of the society. The holders of Gay Aliens Society (Gen 1) non-fungible tokens will quickly be able to register on the Discord server for the project. Registered NFTs will be in the running for the chance to star in an animated adult-themed situation comedy, Gay Aliens in Metaverse, starring non-fungible tokens as the characters. If the avatar is chosen to star in the series, the owner will receive licensing fees, royalties, and the potential for sponsorships. All Gay Aliens have the opportunity to appear as extras in the show, so all token holders have the chance to see their avatars animated on the screen.

The NFTs in the project, 10,000 of them, are individualized through digital art created by well-known artist Tima Marso. Marso is the creative drive behind the project, sponsored by Gay Aliens in Metaverse will be distributed by Archstone Entertainment on cable television, streaming services, and in the Gay Aliens’ metaverse. The aliens themselves are pieces of art by Marso, who personally individualizes each alien once it has been randomly chosen from one of twenty potential aliens that are also given a Zodiac sign, and decorated with astrological symbols. Since the potential to be chosen for the show is based on the Zodiac sign and astrological symbols, producers of the show recruited celebrity astrologist Sebastian Tribbie.

In order to foster increased community involvement with other successful NFT projects, like Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club, may be invited to feature in Gay Aliens in Metaverse by having the NFT holders register in the community-run casting on the Gay Aliens Society Discord server. “By creating a TV Series based on an NFT Project, and then allowing other NFT projects to participate, we are able to unite multiple NFT Communities into one,” says Scott H. Weissman, CEO and Co-Founder of and Executive Producer of Gay Aliens in Metaverse.

The project has generated a great deal of excitement and interest, even among celebrities. The first 1,000 tokens released for pre-sale sold out quickly after the soft launch party on Halloween of 2021. The party had more than 1,000 attendees in Wynwood, Miami. Celebrities such as Brooklyn Beckham, son of soccer star David Beckham, have been active on social media in support of the project. Beckham holds at least one avatar, which he has listed on In addition, DJ Diplo’s public wallet, Diplo.eth, has at least two Gay Aliens in it.

The Gay Aliens Society NFT boasts over 10,000 members, anticipating the release of the rest of the aliens, on their Discord platform. The Instagram page has over 55,000 followers, and their Twitter page has over 7000.

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