Meet Abbas Rizvi, changing the photography game for the better with his innate skills and talents.

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As a photographer and cinematographer, Abbas Rizvi has created much buzz with his impressive work.

It is surreal to know about all those individuals and professionals who make sure to go all in, in their respective industries to become a renowned name in the same. These individuals make sure to give it their all in their quest to become their best versions in all that they choose to lay their hands on. The creative and artistic industries are filled with tons of such talented beings; however, only a handful of them gain immense experience and expertise in these industries and go ahead in motivating and inspiring others around the world with their success. Among the many such self-made success stories, our attention was caught by one incredible creative soul named Abbas Rizvi, who believed in his visions to become an ace photographer, and so he did.

Abbas Rizvi, though belonging to the photography industry, even amidst fierce competition, has stood different from the rest, which has what brought more success to him throughout his career. Wondering how? Well, this passionate being not just believed in his visions as an artist behind the camera but also made sure to offer uniqueness with each of his clicks or shoots, which led him to the forefront of the industry in no time. Apart from honing his skills consistently as a photographer to maintain the momentum and growth as a professional, he also sharpened his skills in cinematography, which led him to become an ace cinematographer as well.

Abbas Rizvi recalls that in his 11 years journey of being a photographer, he faced innumerable challenges, but that never dragged him away from his focus or goals. He kept moving on his path, no matter what, and kept achieving more momentum with each of his shoots. The true talent who lives in North Aurora, IL, the US, has so far done several celebrity shoots and worked with actors like Sarwat Gilani, Mehwish Hayat, Bilal Abbas Khan, Bilal Ashraf, Armeena Rana Khan, and many others.

The incredible photographer and cinematographer aims to work with many more prominent names in the near future and up his game in the field.

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