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Like said by Anu Aunty herself, IIT NIT MIT those three letters may really make your mummy happy but, some of us lucked out and have finished our degree in a decent college with a good enough CGPA but are still sitting ducks. Gammaprep is here for you. Gammaprep is a platform for techies to get placements. They equip you with all that you need and more to land the job of your dreams. In today’s rat race, just getting a degree won’t cut it. You need to put yourself out there and build such an impressive resume that it would be difficult to say no to you. Gammaprep strives to do just that, prepare you with real world experience and acquaint you with all the skills required for big companies like Amazon, Google and many more

Gammaprep was founded in May 2021, during the trying times of Covid they understood that able software engineers even in regular times find it hard to land a job of their liking and that it is even harder during covid. They understand that time is money, and to save you most time and to help you make most out of the time you choose to invest, they have curated a single comprehensive course that will include live classes on coding, web development projects, machine learning projects, mock interviews, mock tests, and placement assistance.

To teach and equip you with the tricks of the trade Gammaprep even has seasoned professionals as mentors to guide you through the course and help you get a placement that not only you but Anu aunty would also be proud of. Vaibhav Goyal, a software engineer at Oracle who graduated from NIT Warangal will guide you through all the ups and downs of this strenuous period, Drishti Mamtani, a software engineer working at Google after graduating from BITS Pilani Hyderabad, she’ll provide you with all the advise you’ll need for the corporate world and Deepali Shinde making it big working as a Senior Software Engineer at Walmart after graduating from IIIT Bangalore will help you learn the ropes of networking. These mentors will not only teach you with the hard skills you’ll need for the job but also the soft skills through verbal and aptitude assessments that will make you stand out from thousands of applicants.

Gammaprep currently has 1800 students with a promising 100% success rate with almost everyone finishing the course and getting placed. Students from Gammaprep who have finished their course now are all collectively working in over 80 different software companies. If all these students landing their dream job wasn’t enough to convince you, then you should know that the parent company of Gammaprep, Gamma Tech & Services is recognized by DPIIT under the startup India Scheme. These folks really care for your career and strive to get you the job that you deserve by providing you with all the help and assistance you will need.

Many students have benefitted from Gammaprep and you can too, they have successfully finished the course and made full use of the assistance. Some have also landed jobs with 28LPA, the highest CTC offered. All of this is possible through their course structure. They teach you right from the basics of coding and relearn Computer Subjects like DBMS, OOPS, and OS, They create projects (Full Stack and Machine Learning) for you to work on to gain experience and finally also prepare you for interviews through mock tests and interviews to seal the deal for your next job interview.

Gammaprep has already prepped their students for everything but when asked what they are preparing themselves for Vaibhav asserted, “This year we plan to expand our domain to other fields such as Data Science and Analytics” on this note what are you still waiting for enroll yourself for this powerful course and get placed for shockingly low rates. Gammaprep offers a powerful course at the most affordable rates, if you’re still unsure, you can always enroll yourself for their demo class and get a taste of their excellency.

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