Entrepreneur Bav Majithia: I am Deeply Passionate About Helping Aspiring Entrepreneurs Chase Their Dreams

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Bav Majithia has a passion for creating; he has made money, companies, and profits from nothing in his illustrious career as an entrepreneur. Now Majithia is creating opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs by showing them that no dream is impossible to reach. 

Majithia’s entrepreneurial spirit first began to bloom when he moved from his home city of Leicester to London as a young adult. His desire to grow and succeed in business was so great that he moved to London with no financial assets to support him. With just an air mattress and determination to dominate in the entrepreneurial world, Majithia began to make his mark in London straight away. With his personable nature and natural talent for sales, Majithia took on a job as a mobile phone salesman. From there, the only direction for Majithia’s profitable aspirations was up; within his role, he vastly improved sales for the company from selling 40 phones a day to 1,000 phones a day. Today, Majithia’s interest lies in investing in the newest trendsetting companies and projects. He seeks out these innovative companies to aid aspiring entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams. Majithia’s passion for setting a fledgling company’s success rocketing through the stratosphere is as evident as the profits they produce because of his Midas touch. Of his desire to be endlessly expanding in many different sectors, Majithia says, “I would like to see myself involved in even more ventures in more different sectors. I have a passion for learning and challenging myself.” 

In 2006, Majithia founded Genuine Solutions Group with a co-partner, and his role within the creation of lucrative businesses grew from that first venture. Majithia has now put his name and diverse talents to use in several different eclectic projects. One of them isVisual Musea creative powerhouse that has been the launchpad for many profitable ventures. Majitha’s newest venture is perhaps the most awe-inspiring. Majithia recently helped to launchMental Energyan exciting new energydrink. The project was completed in just four weeks during the recent Covid-19 lockdown, proving that his entrepreneurial talents can overcome any obstacle or crisis. 

There are not many entrepreneurs who can claim that not only have they achieved their dreams, but their determination has created a veritable dream factory for aspiring entrepreneurs; Bav Majithia can.


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