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Motivational Speaker Jay Jay Reveals 5 Insights to Build a Successful Business in 2020

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Inspiring people with his charm, Jay Jay – a magician, comedian, digital creator, and international speaker, adds his human touch to every event he is a part of! From Australia to Japan, Singapore to the USA, Jay Jay has bootstrapped his career to become one of the most sought-after individuals in the corporate market today. His expertise has pushed him to the top of his game, be it as an international influencer in 30+ countries, a business mentor, or an emcee for Fortune 500 companies like Virgin, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Audi, etc.

“For me, people are my passion and my purpose – inspiring them, showing them they can do more and believing they can be the best version they can be,” he says.

Many businesses seek to be the next big thing in their respective industries. Before achieving a far-reaching role across various sectors in 2020, it is essential to advance with the right tactics. Jay Jay shares five strategies to make your business work miracles.


Every decision you make is based on how you train your mind. The information we absorb kick starts our brain to winning or losing. Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand. When it comes to winning at life, resilience and mindset are of paramount significance.

Social Influence

In this digital era, the higher the influence, the greater the appeal that individuals have to companies/entities for promoting their brand. So whether you’re a speaker, coach, entertainer, or entrepreneur, it’s not about talent, looks, skill, contacts; it’s really about your prominence on online social media platforms and how strategically you use it to boost your business. 


Your focus determines your reality. Everyone has their way of getting end results, but half of the time, it is understanding what’s important and what’s not and focusing on how you want it done!


I always tell the people I coach daily of the importance of genuinely committing. You have to realize there is no plan A, no plan B; all you have is what you have.

Deal With Rejection

It’s going to happen all the time. The more you push, the more you want, the more it will happen. When you realize rejection is not the ‘be all and end all’ of things, and when you let go of this fear, you begin to soar! 

With the right combination of determination, passion, and creativity, your profitable business is just around the corner.

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