Elena Delladio new star of Solo Fan

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Elena Delladio is the name of the new face of social networks such as Instagram and SoloFan. During the interview, she was always ready for my questions and showed great determination in her work.

I pleasantly noticed how Elena took very seriously any questions I asked her, especially the ones where I asked her more about her Solo Fan of hers page. Elena tells how she decided to devote herself to this passion of hers knowing from the beginning that it would not be an easy job and that it would have been necessary to devote a lot of attention to it.

Elena wanted to clarify how for her the interaction with the fans was one of the most important parts of her work, and how often the bad guys can use her name by creating fake pages. It is therefore essential that the pages of digital entrepreneurs like you are verified and that they are distinguishable from fakes.

Especially on Solo Fan, the feedback from subscribers is the focus of her page, because it allows her to make her content more and more attractive.

In short, Elena Delladio is the new youthful face that promises great growth in the world of social networks such as Solo Fan and Instagram, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see her even higher in a while.

-Gianluca Graziano


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