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Entrepreneur and Author Abhishek Kapoor announces that The Eagle Eye Magazine Issue 02 is live!

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Author and Serial Entrepreneur Abhishek Kapoor took to Facebook to share that The Eagle Eye Magazine Issue 02, January 2022 is live!

Magazine: The Eagle Eye
By: #digitalgolgappa

? Cover Star: Priya Ahuja Rajda

? The opening note – What’s your favourite role in life? Is by me

? Song: ‘Bechainiyon’ by Aneesh Chanawala, Sonam Chanawala and Me

?? Congratulations to all The Pride of India Season 3 by Cherry Book Awards (Influential Indian Women) Awardees:  ? Diksha Nagdev, Arushi Vats, Sonam Chanawala, Agarsana TK, Narita Ahuja, Trina Kanungo, Sarah, Niraja Bandi, Sonal Srivastava, Shreyasee Konar, Aruna Joshi. ? Our team believes all of you will keep inspiring people with your amazing work in the time to come.

? Fashion Spotlight – Tanu Agarwal

?‍? Some of the biggest names in global writing industry – Yashi Lath, Elizabeth Akinniyi, Krishnaveni Natarajan, R Sussana Celsia have written mesmerizing articles on motherhood.

⚕️ Dr. Dilip Chimanbhai Dalwadi and Anjali Prakash Dalwadi have explained the practical points regarding pregnancy and MTP.

✍️ Digital Golgappa’s very own Content Executive Smilee Prashant Bhatt shares a wonderful poem titled Paralyzed. She also did a great job as the transcription enthusiast for this magazine.

You can either grab your printed copy of this magazine or read the full magazine free of cost here:


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