E-commerce Expert Cory Muroff lists 4 reasons why brand building is important for a startup

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The last decade has seen an unprecedented surge of e-commerce, with millions of businesses successfully running operations, marketing their products and services, and advertising almost exclusively online. It has also substantially increased the online traffic, but only a few know how to shine out in a large crowd like e-commerce expert Cory Muroff. Here, he shares 4 reasons for all entrepreneurs to build a cutting-edge brand for their start-up.

1. Make the brand more ‘human’

Beyond doubt, audience interaction skyrockets the moment a personal connection is formed between the brand and them. Many important elements, such as the FAQ section, feedback/reviews from existing and past customers, and social media engagement levels determine a start-up’s success. Muroff suggests, “Word-of-mouth is an underrated form of advertising, and people support a brand when they know it’s hardworking, genuine humans on the other side of the screen.”

2. Know and exceed customer expectations

The most vital asset for any brand is the people behind it, both the employees and the customers. Muroff has years of experience in e-commerce fulfillment for his and many other successful online companies. According to him, “Customers need to feel satisfied after every interaction with your brand.” With a ton of competition from well-established brands, new start-ups have to set their standards high and work toward maintaining, if not surpassing, them.

3. Showcase what the brand represents

Just as each business owner must always work to achieve the goal that prompted them to start the business in the first place, it is imperative for the brand to always showcase its vision. That is what sets the brand apart from others in the business and allows people to show support for the brand in the long run. Muroff is a firm believer in broadcasting a cohesive message on all platforms to help instill faith in the brand and its reputation.

4. Increase brand value and net worth

A renowned brand immediately resonates with people and prompts interactions that improve how the brand and its associated products/services are perceived. “When a brand can conjure up an emotionally stirring, compelling narrative, the image is enough for investors and prospects to get involved with it. Active participation also increases the brand’s visible loyalty and, eventually, net worth,” concludes Cory Muroff.

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