Decoding The Steps To Create Generational Wealth With Aristotle Varner

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Responsibility is a learned trait. It begins with taking little steps that help you gain self-reliance, and when done in the right spirit, one can extend its benefits to one’s family. And family is that one thing that serial entrepreneur Aristotle Varner is all about. From being a barber in the army to becoming one of the leading voices on financial freedom, Varner has come a long way as a man and husband and father. He has many goals in life, among them, building a system of generational wealth for his children is the top priority. But exactly how does one do that? In this article, Varner sheds light on the steps involved in creating generational wealth. Let’s dive right in.

Make the right investments

“The concept of investment is not new. Most people understand it and value its importance. However, only a small number sees it as something that extends beyond their lifetime. However, when done right, it can do just that. One can invest in stocks and options, and explore how these financial instruments can outlive one’s own life. If you are a newbie, start with something that has a low premium index and offers long-term growth.”

Invest in land

“Real estate is a very valuable asset. You probably even know families who have inherited real estate from their ancestors. Unlike those mentioned above, land also holds sentimental value and often stays longer in the family for that very reason. To do this right may require you to engage with the experts who can predict, to some extent, places or areas that have the potential to have greater ROI’s in the future.”

Leave behind legacy via your business

Generational wealth has many faces. And almost all of them can look good and sharp when they’ve been thought through and, more importantly, shared. Some of the world’s greatest business empires started as a family business that remained in the family because the founders shared the importance of hard work, growth, consistency, and yes, generational wealth with their children. Like land, business too can become a personal acquisition as it’ll be a reminder of the history you created and the challenges that molded you as a person, a businessman, and most importantly, a father or a mother.”

As we pass through the world in a blur of ups and downs, leaving something behind, something valuable, like a reminder of what it means to live and be alive, can be the legacy that shapes the future of our world and our children.

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