Daniel Moses: Former Uber Driver Turned Multi-Millionaire Via Property Investing

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Meet Daniel Moses, the CEO and Founder of Property Wealth Corporation, a property management, investment and education organization. They help those interested in getting into property receive the proper education, tools and resources to become successful. Originally from Nigeria, Daniel Moses has been shaking it up in the United Kingdom with his unique approach to business and life. Daniel Moses is someone who we’ve come to quickly realize has an intense drive and passion for growth, success and progress. Over the years, Daniel Moses has worked his way through various different industries and personal circumstances by simply overcoming obstacles and adapting to change effectively and efficiently. This mindset and ability to adapt and progress despite the obstacle size has made Daniel Moses a well known rising star in the United Kingdom property industry.

Along with his mindset, his unique approach to cultivating and nurturing success through one-of-a-kind, success oriented strategies has really helped him develop a highly advanced skillset. Which now has potential to be used more commonly across the wider European real estate market.

Daniel Moses began his entrepreneurial journey back in 2004, living in Nigeria at the time he decided to visit the United Kingdom for the first time and has since pursued a better life. However, it hasn’t been easy as in 2015 Daniel Moses had lost £150,000+ from a collapsing Nigerian transportation business and from this he returned to the United Kingdom as a delivery driver then Uber driver then 16 months later Daniel got into property investing. This is where he was able to build his 7-figure property management and investment empire within the last 5 years due to his excellent skills and learning ability along with his unique, various and massively lucrative property investment strategies.

Once things picked up for Daniel he decided to found Property Wealth Education alongside partner Kevin Kludje, where they work alongside individuals getting started in property investing and helping them make their first profitable steps. They’ve made a commitment to help create more educated, smart property investors day in and day out with an emphasis on building people and creating opportunities by transforming mindsets.

“Despite starting our education arm of the corporation during the Pandemic, and operating almost entirely throughout the UK national lockdown restrictions, the business has grown tremendously. In 2020 the business had just 2 employees, Kevin and I. Now, Property Wealth Education has seven in-house employees and a turnover of just under £500,000 gross since starting out in February 2020.” Moses says. Not only are the numbers rising but the press is as well, as Daniel Moses and Property Wealth Education has been featured in dozens of articles such as Yahoo Finance, CNBC News, Fox and more. With the press comes the followers and with his initial blast of press coverage Daniel Moses has been able to garner well over 40,000+ followers on Instagram, 1,000+ downloads for his Property Wealth Education Podcast and over 500 physical copies of his book “Rent to Rent Made Easy” all while focusing on the business.

Using his platform strategically Daniel Moses’s vision is to build people and opportunities by helping and teaching hundreds of successful property investors. So far Moses has helped over 150+ individuals get started in property. With Property Wealth Education’s primary clientele consisting of minority ethnic backgrounds they’ve honed in on helping those and the results have spoken for themselves.

With no other black-lead property/wealth coaching company as large as Property Wealth Education. Daniel Moses and Kevin Kludje have been able to explode onto the scene and were able to disrupt a predominantly white male industry through this and are becoming top competitors of the leading property/wealth coaching companies in the United Kingdom within the same 5 years time. The best part of the business was best stated below by Daniel Moses himself.

“The more people Property Wealth Education helps, the more are able to help the company. Because Property Wealth Education invests so much of its revenue back into the business, it is able to continually strengthen its business operations, from front house marketing to client mentorship, right the way back to corporate governance and infrastructure.” Moses states.

Daniel Moses plans to utilize this momentum forward into the industry and to continuously dominate and climb the industry using the same techniques he’s used to train hundreds of individuals in just the last year. With a huge eye out for growth and expansion Property Wealth Education is always looking for new hires and ambitious individuals looking to join the team. The most experienced team members also get the chance to become a coach on the team and further help provide even more value for years to come.

Property Wealth Education is a structured company with established systems and controls which adequately supports operational scaling, mentorship growth, and expansions in all other business areas. If you’ve been looking to get into property investing, management, development or partnership please feel free to directly reach out to Daniel Moses on Instagram @danielmosesdm OR visit his website


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