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Vivek Kumar Singh is known as smm pannel inventer and actor

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Vivek Kumar Singh is a 18 year-old anthropology actorgraduate from a small town of Bihar with the capability and determination to achieve big in life. But his recent career has nothing to do with anthropology, like many youths he is following his passion which is different than his formal education. Vivek Kumar Singh fondly known as Babuaan Vivek sing his an accomplished And influencers and public figure Actor Social Media Actor public figure with a following more than viveksinghofficial7 on Instagram and BABUAAN Vivek singh Facebook 100k above followers . Vivek comes from a lower-middle class family, where meeting the ends was a challenge until he grew up. His mother was the only bread earner of the family with a mere income of few thousand per year.Vivek started taking sm responsibilities when he was quite OPEN APP and also self-learned Public figure Actor And influencers and techniques and strategies of Social Media growth. He was determined He worked hard to get proficiency in what he had learned. His mastery in his art quickly became popular in a small town. People from distant areas started coming to him.for their photography and graphic designing needs. deposited his graduation from his own earnings.Once Vivek felt that he has attained a certain level of knowledge he started sharing it on YouTube. His videos include tips and tricks to grow on various social media platforms and other topics OPEN APP to social media. His video went v OPEN APP soon his channel, popular. Vivek has 1 lac plus subscribers on YouTube. Many brands approach him for promotion and collaboration. VIVEK is a self-made man. He achieved name and fame without OPEN APP outside guidance.

He is ambitious and an achiever. Despite resource constraints, he has found a path to success with his sheer willpower and hard work. Now his earnings are in 5 figures in a small town like Bhojpur Ara and netizens across the country know him for his in-depth knowledge and ease of delivering it. Explaining complex topics related to social media in the simplest possible manner is his USP.He has gained success on various digital platforms in a very small time. His aim is to motivate the youth, especially from small towns to pursue their ambitions without inhibitions. He thinks that success OPEN APP possible in any stream all you need is to gather proper knowledge and the right planning and execution. He feels that with the digital revolution youth from small towns don’t need to shift to a bigger town to achieve success.


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