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Siavash Sufinejad Becomes the First NFT Islamic Artist Under The Patronage Of The Behnoode Foundation

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Art has no boundaries and no language. Art has more to do with conveying stories with its unique artistic perspective. It looks like notable artist Siavash Sufinejad over the years, has proved his creative skills by bringing stories to the audience. He is an architect and sculptor who mainly works with mirrors on fiber and wood, having the essence of Islamic calligraphy on them. The creative artist is also the founder of Villa Sufia Design Store and Janblak Studio, the art galleries with some of his new designs.

As a designer of decorative objects, furniture, carpets, and other lighting objects, Siavash Sufinejad has combined traditional Islamic and modern art, thus taking his craft to an entirely new level. Intending to build bridges between different cultures through Islamic art, everyone has loved the artist’s work anonymously. Even the Dubai-based Behnoode Foundation is in awe of his work. While he has won the gold, silver, and bronze at the European and American Design Awards, Siavash Sufinejad has been the first NFT Islamic artist under the Behnoode Foundation

Behnood Javaherpour led the foundation of Behnoode Foundation in 2006 and is an art form that has the exclusive NFT digital Islamic art agency in the Middle East. Siavash Sufinejad has been associated with the art museum for quite a long time. With NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) gaining popularity, it has taken the art world by storm as the art pieces cannot be copied but only owned on a digital ledger. Apart from art, it can be anything like photos, videos, audio, or other unique items. 

As the Behnoode Foundation allows Middle Eastern, European, and Asian artists to highlight their work, Siavash Sufinejad earned respect with his unique artwork. The NFT Islamic digital art agency will showcase the best art pieces designed by Siavash that will be sold digitally via live auctions. A portion of the proceeds from the auctioned digital artwork will be donated to the Behnoode Foundation to help build schools for children in Nepal, Iran, and Africa.

Going by the reports, Dubai recently spent over a million purchasing viral memes, which were converted into crypto-tokens by a company called 3F Music. It looks like the NFTs are taking over every industry, and the Behnoode Foundation has pulled off a masterstroke by promoting its best artworks in the digital domain. It would be interesting to see if the art museum comes up with various other artists launching their artworks through their exclusive NFT collection.

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