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Image-consultant and Social Media Influencer BHUSHITA AHUJA is the Author of ‘Open Your Wardrobe For Answers’

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Bhushita Ahuja is the Author of the book ‘Open Your Wardrobe For Answers’ which is based on Clothing Psychology and she is a growing image-consultant. Bhushita has also been crowned as 2nd runners up of Alee Club’s Miss Teen India 2021. Bhushita is an emerging influencer on social media and has previously been recognised for her skill in chess, having been Delhi State Under 17 Women Chess Champion in 2017 and a representative of India in the Teplice Open Chess Tournament. In addition to this, she is the Co-founder of Samvedna Foundation through which she has been able to teach chess to 500+ underprivileged kids. Invited by several corporates and colleges to speak on Social Entrepreneurship, Bhushita has shared her life experiences on the TEDx platform and has been awarded the prestigious “Women of Excellence Award” by the Indian Achievers Forum.

Bhushita is born and brought up in a family with deep roots in the shawl-industry. Owners of Ahujasons Shawlwale Pvt. Ltd., she has grown up hearing fashion talks all along. Bhushita has always been enthusiastic about clothes, from owning a collection of fairy gowns as an 8 year old to meticulously dressing herself up every morning as a teenager. “Bhushita never fails to impress us with her outfits. Everyday we wait to see her come downstairs wearing a new style, unravelling yet another dimension to her personality. She matches up her accessories with her clothes and always seems ready to leave for a party,” says her mother in an interview. Bhushita feels the clothes one wears are essential in establishing the way they feel and therefore she enjoys being well-dressed to harness the energy to work. Bhushita reflects, “One of the major reasons I got hooked onto the subject of Clothing Psychology was when I had the realisation that I have quite an unconventional dressing style with a strong bent towards neon colours and outstanding combinations. I personally loved standing out in crowds and having an authentic fashion taste. One day I came across and Instagram post on my feed that talked about this psychological trait and to dig deeper on this topic, I began my research and discovered how this dressing behaviour was in fact a result of my creative personality.”

Open Your Wardrobe for Answers : A self-help book by Bhushita

Open Your Wardrobe for Answers is a self-help book that covers the untapped subject of clothing psychology. Aimed at the youth, this book is an ideal crash course on all things fashion. The book begins with addressing the importance of the first impression. It covers colour psychology, enlists fascinating facts about the topic and fun activities that can be used to overcome the everyday wardrobe crisis. The book suggests that successful people are confident under their skins and don’t wear clothes as a shield of protection from societal perceptions. It insinuates readers to carve out their own styles and dress for themselves! A short and sweet book, it is really helpful to those who want to understand themselves better by interpreting their style and wardrobe patterns. With this book coming out, Bhushita won the “Best Debut Author 2021” by Literary Voice Magazine and her book was also featured by Hindustan Times in their online article enlisting top modern picks of the year 2021.

As an aspiring Image-consultant, Bhushita is building her skills to be successful in this field.

Bhushita is currently partaking a course on image-consulting by ICBI and will be a certified consultant upon its completion later this year. This course which is a mix of image and business, will equip her with concepts like principles of design, wardrobe strategies, body and face shape, accessorising, communication etc. With a practical consulting experience in the field, she will be educated on creating look books and assisting in personal shopping for clients. She is still a high school student but she has already picked the niche that she wants to establish herself in and wants to gain maximum knowledge in the sector starting from an early age in order to get an edge in today’s competitive market. Bhushita claims, “I believe knowledge is definitely one’s greatest weapon and to be the best in what I do, I decided it was important for me to immerse myself in subject-related content, keep myself updated on what is going on in the fashion world, understand brands, follow fashion icons and learn from TV shows and documentaries based around this. I recently watched ‘Making the Cut’ as well as the documentary ‘Chiara Ferragni Unposted’ and I can already feel the confidence in myself, getting richer by the day as a result of the pool of perspectives that are shaping me.”

Bhushita’s advice to those who are still navigating for their passion and purpose is, “Finding your purpose is extremely critical because it gives your life a direction and you the motivation to wake up every morning with something to look forward to. Let me tell you this- everyone around you can suggest you to pick a certain field that they believe you’ll perform well in but at the end of the day, what really matters is for that drive to come from within. When you have that burning desire to do something, then no one will be able to stop you and you will not get bored. There is no age to finding your passion but the more you’re able to learn about yourself, the sooner you’ll know what it is you want to give your 100% in. Find what adds meaning to your life, what enhances the worth of your existence and when you do then unleash your spirits to reach the stars and outshine.”


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