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A girl raised in Vijayanagar, near Hampi in Karnataka, Smitha Joshi is an engineer by profession and a creative person at heart. She is from a historic land where every stone tells a story and every morsel fed to a baby is full of stories. She had a hobby of writing poetry, short stories, and screenplay during her early years which now has become a habit and taking the shape of poetry, stories, and more. Her other interests are dance, cycling, watching movies, and observing nature’s intricacies. Her debut novel, The Secret Escape, will be released in 2022.

How to Manage a Bad Day by Smitha Joshi

A bad day is not an impulsive occurrence in the life graph; it develops over time and then spikes. Maybe there was an expectation that grew in our minds over time: about exam results, financial numbers, a job promotion, relationship goals that were not met, or health issues that raised red flags. There are times when you don’t know or have the exact reason for your upset, which is trying to prevent you from being optimistic and happy. The reason could be anything, but it did not happen that day or hour. It is a building that you gradually built by stacking brick by brick and cementing it well, and one fine day it collapsed.

In the points below, I’ve attempted to sum up the best ways to manage a bad day without allowing it to work its way into the future and also without allowing it to impact our larger life goals.

  1. It is preferable to feel bad for one full day than to let another day or more pass you by.
  2. Sleep for a longer period of time than usual; after all, your body and mind deserve to rest when they are not functioning optimally.
  3. Write or draw anything that is bothering you right now in a journal. This is the best way to get everything that isn’t good for your brain onto paper. It is unquestionably therapeutic.
  4. It is acceptable not to complete that pending important project or work on that particular day. However, make certain that all relevant stakeholders are informed.
  5. You may feel bad about yourself and your life in general. Accept those feelings and treat each one as a guest. Be humble and hospitable to them, but keep in mind that they are only your temporary guests for that one day or week.
  6. Talking to a trusted family member or friend is a good idea. However, seeking validation and sympathy may not always be beneficial.
  7. Avoid engaging the mind in thoughts about the events that led to a bad day and the consequences.
  8. Treat your mind as if it were a restless toddler, and don’t judge it. Allow it to be. If you give it time to heal, you’ll be fine in no time.

“You can become blind by seeing each day as a similar one. Each day is a different one; each day brings a miracle of its own. It’s just a matter of paying attention to this miracle” – Paulo Coelho.

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