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Hiral Prashant Bhatt a women achieving her dreams at the age of 40!

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Hiral Prashant Bhatt

She is an example that there is no age for being a successful person in life and failure should never stop you from following your vision.

Hiral is a single mother since past two years who is having a daughter of age 15. When her husband expired in 2019,she had almost lost all hopes but,she fought for herself and for her daughter!
She got a job on the 9th day her husband expired,she motivated herself and always thought about making her and her daughter’s future bright like a sun!

Hiral had to face many difficulties throughout the journey but,she never gave up! Her daughter had become and still is her one and only best friend and counsellor in need. She fulfills everyone’s wishes but keeps her aside and this is what makes her special than everyone else! She worked on her English Speaking skills with her daughter and learnt entrepreneurship skills at the age of 38! Successfully,she established her first ever firm on 2nd February 2021 named as Queencyetic which is an online shopping platform and consists of all the products including household items and has delivered 2000+ items until date.

Hiral wished to learn more and more and denied to stop from learning new things when society said,“Oh,you are 39! Why do you want to learn new things now? Get married to someone either!”

Hiral learnt to make homemade chocolates and established first unit of Queencyetic named as Chocolatier’s Sea on 3rd July 2021 in remembrance of her husband’s birthday, and since then she has received 40+ orders and is successfully growing!

One quality about Hiral everyone likes is that she never tries to compete with someone else,she challenges herself that; “Yes! You will do this.”

At the age of 40,a single mother has become her daughter’s father,her idol,her counsellor and obviously,her best friend!

We all are very proud of you Hiral and we wish you’d keep achieving your dreams and your success story will be heard everywhere!
Congratulations on your 40th birthday. Wishing you a truly fabulous day and life ahead!✨

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