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G. Mehul Krishna Kumar’s debut novella “Lucid Dreams: Let’s Redefine Love” gets an Hindi Translation

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Debutant author G. Mehul Krishna Kumar’s novella Lucid Dream’s: Let’s Redefine Love will now be translated in Hindi by Prabal Tandon and the book will be rereleased by Jitendra Anand Infratech Private Limited.

The book tells the tale of Aman Kumar alias AK- who is a rockstar by profession and like any sadist musician has a heart that was once broken badly by a girl named Reshmi Pandey. This is the story of two lovers who loved each other but were destined to stay apart. Their dream of being together is tested high by the hard hitting facts of life. A love story that involves the emotions of their family and friends results in a rollercoaster ride that comes to an end when a lucid dreamer arrives and makes things looks perfect. The ending may give you a perfect family filled with love but every perfect family has a brutal past that stands on sacrifice.

Mehul is a researcher in Travel and Tourism Management with research papers presented on various international platforms and has even published them on repute journals. He is a reviewer for Elsevier journal. Mehul works at Andaman and Nicobar Administration. Destiny may have carved a Researcher out of him but the real passion to write transformed him into an author. The belief of penning down things thus makes stories have resulted in the production of his debut novella Lucid Dreams: Let’s Redefine Love.

Our correspondent had a quick chat with the translator Mr. Prabal Tandon, a CA student who is an avid book reader and critics. When asked Mr. Prabal on what made him think of translating Lucid Dream’s? His reply was quite alluring yet confident and he said: “The freshness of the words and the ability of the reader to identify with what is narrated by a writer is almost mysticism, magic, but above all it’s the talent which matters the most. The book surely penetrates the soul of young and old with fresh lyrics that speaks about relationship, emotions and embarks on a journey from being a failure to success with utmost support of family in rescuing the value of love. Somewhere down the line I personally feel that the story will be liked and loved by our Hindi readers as it has everything to be called a Bollywood masala. At some point while reading this book I felt as if these things have happened with me for real and that’s how I approached the author and publisher with my vision. To my luck getting the rights for this book wasn’t a humongous task as the response from both the publisher and the author was very cordial.

Our insights about the book are that the author doesn’t need huge paragraphs to make his point. He can make a story hit straight into your hearts with just a few carefully chosen words. In particular one thing special about this book is that, it’s a perfect mixture of the tale and soft romance writings. The story is so realistic that one feels that the main characters are none other than the author himself. Truly magical yet so romantic! We look forward to read more of Mehul’s work and wish Prabal all success in his new endeavour.

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