Electronic Music Specialist New York based DJ Fiuger works in nightclubs, outdoor festivals, and events

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DJ Fiuger based in New York has been working in the Disco Deejay industry since 2007. The DJ born in Lima-Peru is also known by the name of DJ Fiuger and is available to work in Nightclubs, Outdoor Festivals and other events. Migrated to the United States in 2005 he specializes in Electronic Music.

DJ Fiuger entered the Latin world working in different genres from Reggaeton Moombah to American and European rhythms like Hiphop, Top 40 & House Music. As a DJ Producer DJ Fiuger has worked on many remix sites including Getmyremix, latinremixkings and prolatinremix.

iTunes, Beatport and Spotify stream all the different genre songs of his career. Nightclub audiences within the United States as well as abroad love the music created by DJ Fiuger. In his career as DJ he has also worked with one of the best known stations in New York called Mega97.9fm while he performed LIVE on weekends and holidays.

This beloved DJ has been a nominee for Latin Mixx Dj Choice Awards in 2013 in New York City and also got recognized at the Peruvian Awards 2018 for his work as a Peruvian DJ in various other countries.

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