Top Investor Keyan Chang, aka KeySwag, Has Merged His Social Media Presence

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Top Investor Keyan Chang, aka KeySwag, has merged his social media presence to grow his business. Keyan is a savvy investor and entrepreneur who loves creating connections with other people, which he has been doing on his platforms @keyswag.official and key7no. Although the platforms have served him and his followers well so far, Keyan has a larger vision for his brand. The merger is the first step that allows him to take his Instagram followers and merge them into one cohesive following he can easily manage with one account.

A real estate entrepreneur and investor by profession, Keyan is a knowledgeable and resourceful person with a vision to help more people create passive income streams. That’s one of the reasons he merged his accounts as this allows as many people as possible to benefit from his platforms. Unlike a personal account that limits the number of followers an account can have, Keyan’s new platform does not. It is also visible to more people beyond his immediate followers, which will help increase his reach. Though Keyan’s old accounts could potentially do the same thing, having both might confuse his followers in the future. Newer followers might not distinguish between authentic and fake accounts, which Keyan hopes to avoid.

New and existing followers will now be able to connect and interact with Keyan on his new account, @keyswag. Keyan welcomes novice real estate investors looking for high return-yielding rental properties. That’s what he was doing three years ago when he had just started his journey in the real estate industry. After a steep learning curve, Keyan managed to leverage his past experiences in tech sales and math skills and begin a profitable career. He learned how to turn losing properties into winning ones and grew property values quickly.

By early 2022, Keyan had grown his portfolio to 66 units. He is now a licensed realtor in California and co-owner of Ohio’s #1 mortgage brokerage company. Within three years, Keyan has acquired over $10M worth of real estate assets under management, and he is still growing. At only 25 years of age, he has created many passive income streams and learned invaluable lessons. He applies those lessons to help other investors make high yield returns with fix and flips, cash-flowing rental properties, and Airbnb properties.

Keyan believes that anyone can get into real estate with proper guidance, something he is willing and able to offer any interested investor. Together with his team, Keyan is ready to help people learn how to invest, grow and earn passive income. He is ready to share the techniques that enabled him to turn poorly performing multi-family properties into valuable assets.

In the future, Keyan hopes to turn Keyswag into a full turnkey service where people can invest and receive high yield returns. He will continue wholesaling properties, flipping, creating cash-flowing rentals and Airbnb, and full-fledged commercial buildings. Keyan welcomes new investors to connect with him on Instagram to begin their journey in real estate.


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