The MetaBeauts NFT Project Has Created a Community IRL within  the Metaverse

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The metaverse is a space that allows you to meet people worldwide through the imagination of a community. You can also trade items, create and share content, and establish like minded communities within the metaverse. It is essentially the modern-day iteration of the internet, but the idea of the metaverse is that each of these transactions takes place in a three-dimensional world, either completely virtual or partially virtual. Whereas the current metaverse exists in a 2D world that you access through end-user points such as computers, mobile phones, consoles, and smart speakers, the futuristic metaverse will exist in a 3D environment where you will be able to access a community through augmented devices.  

The MetaBeauts NFT project was created by a team of ambitious developers and is taking things a notch higher with their new community IRL and in the metaverse. MetaBeauts NFT is the first project from Meta Sports League LLC (MSL). It was founded by a team of passionate hockey players coaches and fans, Todd Geisler, Graham Geisler, Jamison Geisler, and David Burns. All four founders of MSL have been hockey players, fans and coaches for most of their lives. The team came together with a mission to build a project that honors and gives back to their sport.

By carefully adding talented team members, MetaBeauts NFT is creating an organization that is far greater than the sum of its parts. The project has some amazing features and benefits, including a fully doxxed team—a public team that is not anonymous like many NFT projects. A holder will own the intellectual property rights of each individual MetaBeauts NFT they hold, including access to exclusive merchandise, earning $PUCKtoken for exclusive merchandise, launchpad and whitelist spots, exclusive product partnerships and discounts for holders, exclusive training/nutrition information from NHL trainers, future play-to-earn games, and in-real-life events, such as MB meetups and BeautCon Event, i.e., a conference held in MPLS during the US Pond Hockey Tournament. Other potential benefits include a potential animated series and the Stanley Cup Finals experience giveaway.

The biggest challenges the MetaBeauts teams have faced are learning how to build a following from scratch and communicating the concept of NFTs to individuals and business partners that have little knowledge of this digital asset. In addition, understanding all the facets that are required for an NFT project takes research and resources. The pace of change in the NFT world is multiples greater than the change they have experienced in normal day-to-day business operations. The team has had to pivot multiple times throughout the project to keep pace with the current trends in the NFT marketplace.

The MetaBeauts NFT team is investing and exploring Web3 technology and working to be a leader in the space.

“Our bigger vision for MSL is to be ‘the leader in bringing sports brands and athletes into Web3’ and change the structure of sports in Web3. By building a comprehensive ecosystem, we will be able to help multiple projects thrive in the metaverse,” explains the MetaBeauts team

MetaBeauts NFT’s aspirations include positively impacting the growth of the sport of hockey and including people around the world who do not have access to the necessary equipment or access to adequate ice time   . The MetaBeauts NFT is dedicated to helping make hockey more diverse and accessible to all.


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