The Inspiring Story of Well-Known People Strategist and Coach Dr. Amin Sanaia

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We all have goals and dreams that we wish to one day fulfill. But achieving them is not easy. There are different roadblocks, from fear of failure to lack of enough resources, which makes the journey even more challenging. These were some of the challenges Dr. Amin Sanaia faced when he began his journey. But what makes his story even more interesting is how he chose not to let failure or any other situation stop him from reaching the top.

When Dr. Amin first moved to the US, he was just eight years old. He did not understand English well, and he had to use a Spanish-English translator to understand what was being said. His parents also struggled to make ends meet, and his mother had to find a menial job to sustain the family.

Dr. Amin’s mother went from being a renowned university professor in her home country to working in a sweetshop. While it was extremely difficult as this was not the lifestyle Dr. Amin and his siblings were used to, they chose not to give up. In fact, Dr. Amin notes that the experience then motivated him to step out of his comfort zone and start his journey in the corporate space early on.

After completing his Masters Degree, Dr. Amin started his entrepreneurial venture. His resilient spirit and ability to always maintain a positive mindset no matter the situation helped him expand his empire, and within a few years, Dr. Amin had cemented his place.

He is now a well-known coach, public speaker, and servant leader who is changing the traditional workplace. He is transforming workplaces by creating a friendlier work culture as he develops effective people strategies.

Dr. Amin is also using his journey to the top to motivate other young entrepreneurs as he encourages minorities. “It can be tough to find your way in a new country or field,” says Dr. Amin. “However, it is not impossible.”

He notes that success depends on your mindset, determination, and desire to fight for your ideas. Rather than blaming his circumstances or those around him, Dr. Amin chose to rewrite his story. He built his business by fostering a work culture built on talent management, recognition, retention, promotion, diversity, and inclusion, and he was able to make his mark in the entrepreneurial space.

Dr. Amin is revolutionizing the workplace and helping organizations increase their sales by showing teams how to unlock their full potential. He is leveraging the experience he is gaining running his own business to build an engaged workforce that performs at optimal levels.

Although the odds were stacked against him from the start, Dr. Amin has not let anything or anyone weigh him down. He has worked his way to the top and is now a celebrated figure in the business world.

Dr. Amin has won several awards, including the Bronze National Quality Award. He has also helped different organizations up their game by pushing for DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) and culture building in the workplace.

Looking at the future, Dr. Amin Sanaia says that his goal is to help many more people. He is working on creating a non-profit organization (in honor of his late brother) that will help the less privileged and minorities in his community.


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