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The Flourishing Publication interviewed the most elegant writer, Anirban Dutta.

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In a recent interview conducted by The Flourishing Publication with the phenomenal writer, Anirban Dutta, Sanjana Sharma, our host, asked a few questions and here’s what Anirban Dutta said:

  1. Tell us about yourself and your academics?

My academic life of mine has gone through numerous ups and downs. As a result, I have seen multiple defeats but what distinguished my experience from others is that I have learnt from my experience, better or worse. In such a sense, I remember the poem by Rudyard Kipling’s poem ‘If’ treating success and failure in the same breath.

  1. Tell us about your work and your passion, profession, and achievements that you have till now.

My inspiration as a student of International Studies in life comes from the realist thinkers like Thomas Hobbes and classical realist thinkers. In their sense, the world is in chaos and anarchy, with each fighting for survival. Many shunned and detested such a worldview, including some of my friends and colleagues. In such a way, my problematic past has reminded me to adhere to such a theory. Such a long time preoccupation has made me take up such arguments with passion and identify any recent threats in the international system from such an angle. Therefore, my accomplishments result from such thinking as it guarantees success. As an undergraduate student, I suffered from a lack of self-esteem. I translated such energy into more significant strides in my field, from representing my institution at the Organisation Research Foundation-U.S Consulate event to being a delegate at the Harvard Politics and International Relations Conference. I ranked third on the leadership board. Recently, I was a nominee for the Hubooktique Eminence Award, 2022, by the Hubooktique publishing house.

  1. What has been your good and bad experience on your journey?

The worse experiences are many, from not doing satisfactorily in academics at one particular point in my life to suffering from a lack of self-worth. The negative experiences have made to push myself to the limit to crave success. I have educated myself through such a journey; it has made to see things as they are without using rose-petaled glasses. Such experiences enabled me greatly to move ahead and challenge myself with newer goals and objectives. My long-time mentor once told me not to be happy with accomplishments since there are no guard rails for the same. As a result, I have translated such an idea into Hobbesian beliefs that human beings seek to increase their power. The little fruits of victory of mine are the result of such thinking.

  1. What message would you like to give to all our readers who dream of achieving so much like you?

My message to all the readers is to follow their dreams and love whatever they do. A dangerous flashpoint is a compulsion to do something against one’s will. Love and passion enable a person to upgrade himself and help to tide over the most challenging periods of one’s life. Love and respect towards your goal; ambition never deceives an individual.

  1. Your inspiration and why?

My inspiration comes from my parents, grandpa Dr Paritosh Sanyal, my mentor Ms Samita Chatterjee, and my two Professors, Dr Alvite Singh Ningthoujam and Mr Gautam Banerjee. I consider them in my life more significant than life figures. I consider myself fortunate to be in the presence of such people since whatever I have learned so far is a result of their teachings. I keep such words sacred. When I saw myself under challenging conditions, I saw my mentors standing beside me all the time. As a fond believer of ancient Greek mythology, I consider them equivalent to Apollo and Zeus in my life. As a result, the gods in human form always watch over me as I keep on navigating an undefined journey called life. On some occasions, I forget to exchange social courtesy, but I am grateful to all of them in my way.

  1. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I want to see myself pursuing a PhD from a renowned institution globally and become a successful individual in International Relations. The time is short, and the goals are distant. Therefore, I consider it’s time for more hard work and rigour to carry on.


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