Shining Through Adversity

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As a global society, we are experiencing a time of unprecedented economic uncertainty. The headlines are flooded with stories of financial turmoil, runaway inflation, and record unemployment numbers striking fear into the hearts and minds of well meaning people.

For many, their fears have not only manifested into economic misfortune, but also mental health challenges, as they attempt to get acclimated to the “new normal” and learn to deal with the collateral damage resulting from the global pandemic.

During times like this, messages of hope are needed now, more than ever.  This is why I’m honored to bring you the inspiring story of Catherine Nikkel who was able to turn adversity into advantage through mindful media and the power of written words, and is now teaching others how to do the same thing! 

Before becoming a copywriting sensation and influential storyteller, Catherine experienced real life challenges that books and movies are made of such as being a mom at 16 years old, a thriving career in social work, sudden paralyzation, multiple surgeries, crippling pain, and 6-figure debt.

However, rather than being a victim to her circumstances, Catherine decided to take 100% responsibility for her life and declared she would do whatever it took to reinvent herself! She knew in order to get something she had never got, she had to be willing to do something she had never done. In other words, she was ready for a radical transformation! 

It didn’t happen overnight, but through the practice of creating mindful media and the power of written words, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Catherine was able to reinvent herself.  Rather than seeing herself as the victim of her circumstances, she began to see herself as the creator of her circumstances and thus began her journey of constant, never ending, self improvement.

Before long, Catherine’s hard work began to pay off as CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, and Influencers began to approach her to help them make media that matters through blog posts, social media content, books, and email campaigns. Soon she had reinvented herself from a scared, unhealthy, broke teen mom, to a confident, healthy, and hotly pursued Storyteller, Content Creator, and Ghost Writer. She has since become a Huffington Post Contributor, a Thought Leader for International Brands, and has now been nominated for the Woman of Influence Awards for three consecutive years. 

Now-a-days Catherine’s primary goal is to leave people better than she found them by helping them explore their purpose, find clarity, enjoy incredible moments, use their voice to make an impact, and experience those magical Lightbulb moments. She speaks on mindset, storytelling and dreaming big, hosts the Lightbulb League Mindfulness Community and Storyteller’s Cafe and authored the “Lightbulb Moments Journal” to help others use their voices, experience clarity, and light up the world!   

No one knows when the undeniable effects of the global pandemic will diminish, but one thing is for certain, we, just like Catherine, have the power to change and reinvent ourselves at any moment! We may not be able to control what happens to us, but we can always control how we respond and that’s what matters most!

If you would like to connect with Catherine and learn more about her mindful media and/or ghostwriting services don’t hesitate to visit her website www.catherinenikkel.com.


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