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Sahil Razvii, an Indian musician and Singer.

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Sahil Razvii is an Indian musician, music director, record producer, singer-songwriter, lyricist, and a well-known pianist from the city of Amroha UttarPradesh India.

Sahil Razvii, image from Sahil

Sahil Razvii debuted with his first beats Kaynight. Sahil Razvii was born on 15th July 2001 in Amroha UP., he loves to teach piano and play piano, guitar and few more instruments he has worked with Grammy Award winner sir Warrenhuart in his music album LEVEL, he is well known with Indian pianist Sahil Razvii, Sahil Razvii is the founder of Newsglobal (a online news & media company), Razvi Music (a music company) and he wants to help all the independent artist, he is following a lot “Support Every Artist Where We Can”.

In his life, a boy came and help him in every Situation and time, and the boy’s name is Adil Razvi. Adil Razvi is an artist from Moradabad Uttarpradesh., in his music album he is one of the contributors.

He learned his skill from Raja Mansingh Tomar Music & Arts University Gwalior. He is also a lyricist and composer of Main Aashiq Banya song with Yasser Desai and he is a lyricist of few English singles with European singers.
A pianist can play music for piano alone or play together with other musicians in an ensemble or orchestra.  And he got an exclusive license from one of the biggest labels in Europe PR entertainment, no he having a division.

In the generation of pop music a talented artist from the city of Tansen, an artist entertaining the world from his soulful piano music yes, Sahil Razvii is an independent artist who is entertaining India with his fingers. He has many fans in the whole world because of his skill.

His latest release ‘TU HI MERA’ was with Grammy Award winner sir Warrenhuart, the album was released digitally and on Instagram accounts. Believer is one of the hit songs from his album AHAN ONE MORE TIME. Now he is supporting many of the independent artists near him. Impact song was so popular.

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