Meet Ty Smith, Founder and CEO of Top Digital Marketing Agency Coinbound

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As Web3 becomes more popular, we have seen more and more people join the space, among them celebrated entrepreneur Ty Smith. Ty is one of the pioneers in the field who has defied all odds to mark and cement his spot, and he is now helping others to do so.

Through his marketing agency Coinbound, Ty is helping his clients easily navigate the space by providing them with effective marketing strategies. Coinbound supports project developers in marketing their work by ensuring that the target audience gets the intended message.

Ty and his team have crafted a go-to market playbook that has worked for over 100 crypto brands, changing how investors and creators view the NFT/crypto spaces. He says that he aims to completely change the crypto marketplace, making it possible for everyone to succeed. 

Ty develops marketing strategies for all his clients that help them attract the right eyeballs and sell their projects. Having been in the space for years, his vast knowledge of the field and network gives him an upper hand.

Before starting Coinbound, Ty established his spot in Web3 and crypto marketing. He says that his experience working with various brands inspired him to start Coinbound.

Ty wanted to build a more inclusive Web3 space, helping his clients develop foolproof digital marketing strategies that are ensured to bring results. Ty and his team are leveraging their experience and networks to help Web3 companies grow.

Coinbound works with top influencers and online publications in the space, giving them higher coverage. They help their clients to get featured in various online publications and increase their online visibility through SEO. They also offer Twitter management, Discord management, and even blog management.

Social media has become a crucial tool for success today, especially in the crypto/NFT marketplaces. Ty explains that this is mainly because most target audiences are present on various online platforms like Twitter, making it extremely important to have an active social media presence as a project developer.

Ty and his team at Coinbound are helping their clients manage their social accounts, making sure there is great content. They have also adopted the latest growth techniques, helping them monitor performance and expand their reach.

As Web3 continues to make headlines, Ty and his team are helping others in the space market their work. They are leading by example and making it a lot easier for others in the industry, with their excellent track record setting them apart.

While Coinbound was not started long ago, it is one of the leading Web3 marketing agencies, and its efforts have received worldwide recognition. Coinbound was recently ranked one of the top digital marketing companies in the space. Ty Smith is also a recognized figure in the space and was the speaker at World Crypto Con and NFT NYC.


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