Meet Brock Williams: The Record-Breaking Point Guard From NC

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At 6’0 and 185 pounds, Brock Williams is not your ideal basketball player. In fact, in a sport with towering giants, he is considered undersized. However, Brock is not just a player. He is a passionate, record-breaking point guard with a big dream: he wants to shine all the way to the NBA. At the moment, Brock is a freshman and Division 1 basketball player at High Point University, North Carolina. He is also the owner of the Brockgodummy Apparel and a NIL signee with PSD Underwear and Boosted Biz.

Throughout his career, Brock has encountered a lot of people who undermined him at a glance. He was often not strong or tall enough, so they thought he wouldn’t amount to much. Instead of letting it get to him, Brock learned how to use the taunts as fuel and work harder than everyone else. He also learned to leverage his speed and natural athleticism to go higher than other players. Today, Brock boasts a 42 inch vertical and can run a 4.4 40 yard dash, no mean feat given his size. When Brock gets on the court, he puts on a show and gives the fans something to remember the game by.

Brock’s journey to the top of his game, where he currently is, has been years in the making. The story goes back to when he was 4 years old, and his mom brought a mini hoop from the store. From then on, a spark was ignited that set Brock on his current path. At 10 years old, he started practicing with his dad every night to ensure he perfected his idol Kyrie Irving’s moves and techniques. Both of his parents were supportive, encouraging him to go after his dreams and cheering him along the way.

Brock attended Burlington Christian Academy, where he left a mark since his freshman year. Throughout his high school career, Brock received 4 All-State and All-Champion awards. He averaged 34 points and 5 assists per game in his freshman and sophomore seasons, establishing himself as a formidable scorer and player. For his junior year, Brock transferred to Greensboro Day School, a powerhouse that has won 11 NCISAA 3A State Championships. He didn’t lose his winning streak, averaging 11 points and 4 assists per game that season. Brock received awards for All-State and All-Conference after that season.

In his senior year, Brock transferred back to Burlington Christian Academy, where he averaged 31.5 points and 4 assists per game that season. He also earned a career-high of 50 points in a single game that season. On his senior night, Brock received a 2,000 ball in recognition for his 2,318 career points throughout his high school career. Brock also won a 44 point game against an NBA player named Isaiah Todd. Outside school, he also played AAU with Team Loaded NC, Team Loaded, AIA All-stars, and WACG.

Despite all his achievements so far, Brock has not taken his eyes off his goal. He still works hard every day, believing he will one day live his dream and make his parents proud. Brock also admits he’s a huge sneakerhead and would love to have his own shoes sponsored by either Nike or Jordan. In the meantime, he plans to continue breaking records and setting new ones, taking each day as it comes.


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