Kenkyo NFT strives to build a humble community with its trailblazing project.

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NFT project centering around humility creates exclusive community 

NFTs today are impacting the future of the Crypto-World. The core issue of NFTs is that any real-world assets do not back them. This could potentially lead to chaotic devaluation, even with a regulated market that has now been seen firsthand. Kenkyo aims to create a more realistic environment for the holders by providing a decentralized, multi-tier protocol that will stabilize the market and incentivize quality creators.

Kenkyo is an NFT brand that will have its chain and assets. With 777 NFTs as a Genesis collection, that is significantly rare in the real world. They believe that there is no point in purely focusing on things’ technical and development side. Some NFT projects are concerned about only making a profit for themselves. Kenkyo has other core values, humility and giving back to the community, which we want to keep near and dear to our hearts.

Kenkyo has been very community-driven from the beginning. They have positioned themselves around being a support community for NFTs. They want to create a haven for all NFT projects and will be working hard to provide an excellent user experience with great tools and features.

They believe that we can all achieve great heights in this field of Crypto-Development. If we believe in ourselves and keep pushing forward, we can make all the dreams we set out to realize come true. Being humble and staying grounded is the key.

Kenkyo has collaborated with various NFT projects, such as The Doodles and Karafuru & Tasty Bones. They believe there will be many more collaboration channels between projects in the future.

Kenkyo is an NFT community that will stay true to its core values; unrivaled customer support.

Giving back to the community, being humble, and striving for great heights in this space. They believe there is a tremendous opportunity to create a great ecosystem. They have been working hard with their partners on this project.

Kenkyo also promises Loyalties in the form of reward programs within the Kenkyo ecosystem, which will give back royalties on secondary sales of NFTs within the Kenkyo community in an interactive way. In addition, a dedicated team known as the Elite Alpha team will be working hand in hand with the community of NFT projects.

Kenkyo aims to provide a haven for all NFT projects, creating a collaborative environment where all can come together, express their ideas and get to work. What has so far been achieved is a solid foundation with many more exciting things on the horizon. 


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