Influencer Suzy Sogoyan Empowers People On Instagram

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Social media has saturated every market, as everyone is fighting for attention. While social media has still proven to be one of the best ways to reach your target audience, the question remains, what is the best way to get noticed? For Suzy Sogoyan, the answer was simple. Connect with people on a personal level on all topics, including her personal and business life.

When Suzy joined her father’s side in his jewelry business, IceLink, she started learning some major lessons. One of those lessons was on the importance of branding yourself. When they rebranded the company, Suzy and her father, Andy, knew they wanted to come from a center of encouragement and giving strength to each customer. Instead of focusing on cold marketing campaigns, Suzy felt a desire to create genuine connections with her customers through Instagram by, not only displaying an authentic side of business, but of herself, too.

Through Suzy’s Instagram posts, she got personal. She even shared her son’s story as a leukemia survivor. His story touched so many people that Suzy constantly had people reaching out to her to share their stories and send their prayers. Seeing how impactful connection can be, IceLink creates innovative designs that give customers something to be proud of. “My father always instilled in me that I must live my life without fear because it holds me back from my dreams. Every piece of jewelry I wear holds sentiment and value. That’s why I designed the Fearless leather bracelet with lioness and eternity charms; so that every time I wear it, it’s a constant reminder to remain strong,” says Suzy Sogoyan.

IceLink is committed to giving back. Inspired by the online community’s compassion for Suzy’s son, IceLink began Christian’s Toy Drive, an annual toy drive benefiting children battling cancer in Armenia. “By connecting and giving back to our communities, both locally and internationally, our company’s purpose goes beyond designing fine jewelry and watches,” says Suzy Sogoyan.

This father-daughter team sees luxury jewelry as a way to connect with people, not just something to own. And Suzy believes in staying connected through communicating and not being afraid to show people who she is.


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