How One NFT Project, Chillin Chameleons, Is Saving the Oceans

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Working for a cause is something we’d all like to do at some point in our lives, but it’s very difficult to act upon. There are many issues the world currently faces that require our immediate attention. However, we still have a hard time finding a way to connect good causes with something that brings in revenue for others.

Chillin Chameleons is an NFT project that has created an exceptional concept through which they’re working towards a major cause while gaining success. They have recently launched a limited collection of 5,005 unique Chameleon NFTs located on the Ethereum blockchain. 7% of their primary sales are going to Pro2tect, which is working towards decreasing plastic waste.

Along with that, their non-profit partner, Pro2tect, is working towards ocean conservation and reef clean-ups using the provided funds. Chillin Chameleons has raised over $100,000 and donated to this cause. They have also been funding a $10,000 FloWater refill machine. Their efforts have proven that working for a cause while accomplishing important goals can go hand in hand with a little hard work.

Chillin Chameleons has also been involved in oyster adoption drives and Hawaii forest restoration initiatives. The Chillin Chameleons NFT community they have built has also been actively participating in these initiatives and supporting them. Currently, they have a collective reach of over 20 million people, which is an achievement in itself.

Their partner, Pro2tect, has made this possible by using innovative technology and a dedicated team. They are grateful that Chillin Chameleons is more than just an NFT project. In a world where money and success are most people’s only priority, they have dared to care about the environment and the next generation’s future. This takes a lot of courage but shows integrity.

As an owner of a Chillin Chameleons NFT, you also get a lot of benefits and perks. A few of these also include gaining access to their very own Meta Millionaire Society. This is a revolutionary masterclass focused on NFTs, crypto, and Web3. Growing together is very important for the team at Chillin Chameleons. Being able to learn from the experts in these masterclasses gives many the chance to learn and understand how things work in the Web3 space.

Many still doubt the potential of NFTs, the metaverse, and digital currencies altogether. This is mainly due to their lack of knowledge and awareness about this platform. Through the Meta Millionaire Society, they plan to reduce this and bring like-minded people together. It can be a space for anyone looking for sources while giving back to society.

Working for a cause is possible while accomplishing major monetary goals, and this has been proved by Chillin Chameleons’ recent unique NFT project. They have truly set an example for many in the industry who are working towards similar goals.

In addition to that, their team deserves a lot more recognition as they have brought something unique to the table and are helping the environment while achieving success. Their vision is an inspiration for many others around the Web3 space.


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