Emmersive Entertainment Is the First-Ever NFT Streaming Platform

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Over the past few months, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have sprung in popularity. These digital assets powered by blockchain are disrupting the art and music industry with their one-of-a-kind technology. NFTs have shown the potential to create more rewarding and fulfilling experiences for numerous players in the art and music worlds. This includes unrivaled experiences for music fans and significant rewards for the artist who put in the hard work.

With this, many players, including brands and personalities in the art and music industries, have explored NFTs to better their experiences. The new NFT era is already taking charge of the music scene, with the Grammys announcing a possibility of next year’s awards being commemorated by NFTs. The music streaming business is one of the primarily impacted sectors, with NFTs being the new way to go. New and exciting platforms such as Emmersive Entertainment are fully anchored on blockchain technology, particularly NFTs.

Emmersive Entertainment is a fan and NFT collector platform for streaming “music only hear™” and street art. Being the first-ever NFT streaming platform, Emmersive Entertainment is the only platform where everyone wins. Artists get paid when they sell the rights to their music or art to others and get paid if someone resells those rights. The other fantastic feature of Emmersive Entertainment is that fans can also listen or view collections inexpensively, but they can resell and have the chance to make dollars by buying and selling the NFTs.

Emmersive Entertainment has also disrupted the streaming industry by lowering the price point and affordability of the NFTs, with 80% of their purchases being done by credit card. This makes it financially attractive for artists (and eleven of their labels), affordable for fans and collectors to own the NFTs, and be eco-friendly while doing so. The Emmersive Entertainment impact is evident in the market as a new streaming platform for music and art tied to the blockchain.

Since its establishment, Emmersive Entertainment has hit a hundred thousand in releases, with thousands of fans earning millions. Tory Lanez’s first platinum album to be featured as an NFT also sold out in a record time of one minute after its release. Such a success story cements Emmersive Entertainment as the ideal platform for artists looking for a trusted public company with no room for tomfoolery in this emerging space. Emmersive Entertainment also does audits to ensure transactional integrity, and their transactions are held on a public blockchain.

Though it was challenging to try to make a name in the industry, Emmersive Entertainment found it pretty smooth to get over the obstacles. This was largely influenced by the fact that celebrities and industry vets founded it. The 60 min plus was interesting exposure, but they pivoted to music and art at low price points to capitalize on the market. This was an effective strategy rather than high-priced, one-off VR pieces. It’s only and all about e-NFT and the platform at this point.

The Emmersive Entertainment founders are seriously invested in tech for the future and are already keen on developing a new streaming platform like no other that is tied to the blockchain. The goal is to make something great for fans, collectors, and even better for the artists. 


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