After Dominating Fortnite, What’s Next for Team New Age

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The meaning of success varies for people around the world. It also depends on their objectives and future plans. However, most successful people aim to focus on their growth and ensure they’re learning throughout their journey. The gaming industry has been booming over the past few years. CEO and founder of Team New Age, Aaron Kirshenberg, has also managed to make a name for himself.

Kirsh is a remarkable visionary and has aimed for success since a very young age. Team New Age’s immense growth has been an accomplishment in itself. The organization is currently the fastest growing in North America. Moreover, they’ve also gained millions of followers in only two years.

Team New Age has won many Fortnite Championships throughout North America. Most of the organizations around them take a lot of inspiration from their exponential growth. Partnering with Paris Saint-German, a European football club, is also another notable achievement.

Despite their growing success, the group has set many objectives for their foreseeable future. They want to ensure that Team New Age is a household name in the gaming and lifestyle world. This won’t be easy to achieve, but their passion and hard work can make it happen. Kirsh aspires to set up a podcast and YouTube channel for Team New Age so their audience can better connect with them.

Making all this happen without a massive budget was not that easy. They’ve been running on self-funds and have carefully selected each player on their team. Content creation has mattered significantly to them as well since it has been a revenue generator.

Trusting in their team and bringing the right people aboard was another major reason for their rapid growth. Kirsh and Team New Age have fought to make a place for themselves in the industry.

Launching an NFT Project was also a part of their bucket list. More Than Gamers NFT Project was an absolute hit and sold out about 10,000 NFTs in under a minute. Artists and renowned marketers were the sole reason behind this clean sweep. Their team has been doing wonders and continues to lead them to success.

Kirsh advises others to go after their passion and do what they truly love. This definitely increases your chances of establishing yourself in the industry. Turning your passion into your living is easily one of the best life decisions you’ll make. Furthermore, taking risks is also important. You might fail now and then, but you’ll never understand your strengths and weaknesses if you don’t try.

Team New Age and Kirsh have been an inspiration for many upcoming creative visionaries. They’ve proved that if you’re willing to invest hard work and passion into the things you truly love, the result will be fruitful. They have a lot of potential to gain more success and win a spot for themselves in the Web3 space as well.

Dominating Fortnite was how things began, but the journey Team New Age has now embarked on will be a game-changer for them.


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