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The Rising Indian Poets who will touch your heart with their magnificent poetry ft. Madhurima Guruju, Indira Guha Patra, Yashi Lath

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Madhurima Guruju

Poem: Mental Health “Coverletter” 

This world is ridiculously competitive. 

Where we hassle and hustle through 

stampede to win the race,

during the days we forget to clean the house

and forget to take a bath. 

For which we are naive to feel 

proud of being blatantly productive

and how we forget 

to the put the world at halt and 

balm the jolts.

It’s okay, you know? 

to relapse at the race track cause our dying spirit needs water. 

This world is a stage with actors. 

We all are.

We tend to laugh, force to carve

a curve on lips, 

and brim with jokes,

lame gossips to fit in shoes amidst tall

buildings so that gleaming lights 

on the street

will validate the darkest hours are concealed. 

That we are normal, 

that we are happy. 

Which reminds how my fists clench during the interviews, desperate to 

punch the table, yell at every 

tux tucked in aloof chair, for asking questions 

but I win their hearts anyway by consuming bullets and still smile with blooded 

wounds to become the art hanging 

on their wall. 

Another painting in vain,

unnoticed and miserable 

with faint colors searching for 


Look, in the end we are broke anyway.

But does that really matter? 

Care to get the pay check but why are you

still crying you silly? 

Cause you are still a child 

still waiting for a coverletter which says


About the poet:

Madhurima is an educator and artist who hails from Hyderabad. According to her, writing is like a therapy to deal with tumultuous situation and pen is her only friend on which she relies to vent her tangled thoughts through poetry and stories

She did publish three solo poetry books this year and even took part in several anthologies. She had been featured on several other news web links for her remarkable contribution towards literary arts, additionally holds experience in story telling as she had participated in several open mic events across the nation

Her recent book “Musings and Memories” , a series of poems related to lives of people, had been released under spotwrite publication fetching enormous appreciation and awards.

Indira Guha Patra

Poem: Cogitation

I saw it falling; falling rapidly and carelessly

Through the red hue of the deceasing day –

Swaying with the rhythm of the seductive winter chills,

Embracing its death off the barren dried branches

That still held a few tints of green –

Which bid adieu to the lonely one in its final journey.

Even the dawn today had shamelessly awakened it

From the cradle of the night before,

Unaware of the evil to be showered by the setting sun.

But the one who now lay as a part of dust,

Stares at me through the eyes of death –

Creating a sense of fear and apathy.

It dares to ask me my reason to live, to which

I stand dumb realizing the truth of the hour –

That future is a mirage propelling the present to the past;

A fact ripping my soul apart.

But then the dicey hope comes to my rescue,

Plunging me into the realms of nostalgia –

Where my lived-up years appear to be wrapped

In the glory of opulence.

Just then reality struck its sword,

Gushing the blood of pain that had drained –

Through my weary eyes all these years;

Mockery engulfs me.

Have I not seen enough? Have I not surrendered

To the anonymity of regularity?

Does the positive fire still blaze in full rage in me?

‘Let it be’, I say; ‘Ignorance is bliss’ at times as they say.

The honks of the bygone era

Still terrifies me with its scar of failure,

But I pledge to be a brave heart

And reel under the monotony of caprice –

As the sun of the dusk whispers in my ears,

The promise of a better tomorrow.

About the poet:

Indira Guha Patra is an emerging writer whose indomitable spirit to defeat failures and fiery language skills have won thousands of readers’ hearts. She started her writing career with ‘Chasing Dreams’ in Dec 2016, following which she published three more books – ‘The Promise,’ in 2018, ‘Baby Fights Corona’, and ‘The Veil of Disguise’ in 2020. Her upcoming is a poetry book. She loves experimenting with her work and never limits her imagination within a particular genre. Indira excels in depicting human emotions and intertwining them with her imagination, thereby merging reality and fiction beautifully. She is a modern-day writer whose main aim is to inspire the youth. She has won the ‘Sahityakosh Samman 2021’, ‘Bharatiya Youth Face of India’ title, ‘R Crit 100 Author award’, ‘The Pride of India Award,’ ‘The Writer of the Year Award,’ ‘Best Thriller Author Award, ‘Most Exemplary Work Award,’ Rabindranath Tagore International Prize for Art and Literature.’  

Yashi Lath

Poem:  Destiny: A spiral of magic 

Destiny is that fascinating magic that creates unexpected plans.

Destiny is like an unknown route of life that leads to a beautiful destination. 

Destiny doesn’t come with plans it works uniquely along with life. 

Some people believe that destiny is a myth while others believe destiny plays a crucial part in life.  

Sometimes, destiny works weirdly it makes people meet who have no plans with each other. 

Destiny gives aim to those who don’t have any purpose in life. 

The game of destiny is unpredictable. 

Destiny makes a flower bloom even in harsh conditions. 

Destiny connects the paths of people who are wandering in search of love. 

Destiny is weird yet it’s beautiful. 

The circle of destiny never fails. 

Destiny sprinkles its magic on those who find a way in dusky darkness.

About the poet:

Author Yashi is from Lucknow she is an author by profession and a psychology student. Her world revolves around books and writing is a passion for her she believes that writing is an emotion that gives people the freedom to express themselves. 

She has won many awards this year for her hard work and dedication towards writing. She has been featured in several media articles and magazines at both national and international levels. She is an old soul who thinks deeply about everything and she has an independent vibe who wants to put light on those topics through her writing that goes unnoticed several times.

Cherry Book Awards and Digital Golgappa are excited to celebrate and felicitate these emerging talents in Indian writing.


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