Teenager Scores Big: Gopal Khilwani From Indore Settles For The U-16 Nationals

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Most of the time, individuals have to become the best version of themselves not because others expect them to do so but because they are passionate about it. If a particular person does not find the present work to be inspiring, then they probably are not going to make it to the top because even after beginning the difficult work, they will be unable to continue it due to the lack of inspiration.

today we talk about Gopal Khilwani, a very young 16 year old who got selected in EU 19 cricket team of India. How did he manage to reach this position? some might say that he has just been lucky, but he would beg to differ because his endless efforts would go into vain.

As a young boy, Gopal Khilwani wanted to do something great in his life, he wanted to not only make himself proud but also his parents very proud of his work and his achievements. He started training from a very young age and realised what his true strengths are, he soon started to play cricket and knew immediately that this is the career path for him. After a lot of training and making an effort, he got good enough to be applying for the under 19 national cricket team of India. I bet there is more elaboration required for this team, and why this is special for him.

The junior selection committee in Delhi selects all the members who are going to be in the India U 19. This is not just any other team, it consists of all the players who are below 19 years of age and are talented enough to be qualified to compete against each other, competition is what makes any game rather interesting. Gopal’s coach Himanshu has remained by his side throughout his practise sessions, motivating him an inspiring him to do better everyday.

“He has been a very dedicated student all his life, be it in school or in sport. People are usually expected that they will focus on anyone thing properly, if they’re a good athlete they will not be good in school. I mean come on this is the general norm, but I have never seen somebody as committed as Gopal is. He was not an extraordinary student in school but he was quite above the average, and despite the fact that he used to miss a few classes for training, he managed to appear on his examination dates and important dates so that he does not miss out the important parts. There is a balance that he always maintains, and I have liked him for that. who knew that this young boy will go straight into the under 19 national cricket team after training 7 hours a day” says Coach Himanshu.


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